You Are All Of It

All of It, Everything, One!

You know how I said once that nothing is as it seems? Well, Sugar, after all I wrote last post about the perils of identity and how you are not really your identity, I’m going to take it all back. Not because it is suddenly true in a way it was not true yesterday, but because it is, in a way, sort of true. Sort of. Don’t worry, Snookie, if you have shed all identity between the last post and this, you don’t need to go back and craft another identity (and if you really did shed all identity since the last post—you [and YOU] rock!)

If you did shed your identity, you would know that the you with the identity is part of you and YOU, and kind of an endearing part when you get past the belief that the identity of you is the limit of who you are. The limited you is part of your overall matrix, and is as available to you as any other part of you. What determines how you experience life and yourself is which you are focused on, and how sharply you focus.


It’s All About Brain Waves, Baby

Your conscious mind brain wave pattern is beta, about 15-40 hertz. In hypnosis, the aim is to get a client into an alpha state (7-15 hertz) which is like a daydreaming state and also associates with rote/subconscious habits and patterns, or into theta (4-7 hertz) which is associated with sleep, but is also the brainwave state for most easily changing habits and patters (though alpha is good for that, too!) There are also delta brain waves (.5-4 hertz) associated with deep, dreamless sleep, and gamma brain waves (above 40 hertz) which are associated with insight and that “time slowing down” feeling (which is actually your brain speeding up) that you get in situations like when you are about to get into a car accident.

The fun thing is that all of these brain waves are active in your brain all of the time, it’s just that in certain states of mind, one wave is more active than the others, and that determines how you are experiencing life at that moment. The very neat thing about this is that if you don’t like how you are experiencing life, you can change to a different brain wave pattern and have a whole different experience.


Living From Identity

When you are identifying with the identity you hold for yourself, you are primarily in a beta wave state with some alpha mixed in, but while you are in the identity-bound version of alpha, you are mostly operating out of subconscious habits and patterns. Remember the gorilla video post, the focused beta is the state you were in when you first watched the video and probably missed the gorilla. This is really, really limited state. Really! It’s just that you spend so much time there that it seems normal (and Bizarro world tries hard to keep you in this state because you buy more and ask fewer penetrating questions.)

When you open up to a slower hertz, you open up to a much larger view of the world, where not only is your identity self available to you (but not nearly as influential), but a broader view of yourself and the world is available to you, too. You practiced this broader focus with the stereopraphs post (right?!?!?) and so you may have a feel for how that view feels innately different than living from the limits of identity and beta waves. The stereographs practice was more of a wider alpha wave experience. Today, you can begin to practice Theta.


Theta Waves Baby!

These slower, more magical and space-creating theta waves can really open up your mental and emotional space, and allow you to see your life in even more broad strokes than the alpha wave state. But how do you get there? One really great way is to get yourself stoked into a deep state of gratitude, appreciation or love. Not only does this ease you into theta, but it’s great for your health. It basks your body in healing hormones, erases stress, and makes your whole body go, “ah.” I’m not talking about a quick, thanks for the parking space sort of gratitude, but the kind where you close your eyes, take a break and begin to not just count your blessings, but feel the wave of gratitude flow through your blood.


Play of the Day

I bet you can guess, can’t you, Sugar Pop? Yes, close those eyes, take a break and start finding things to appreciate. Go through the people in your life—you don’t even have to like someone to appreciate something about them. You can even call up your biggest challenges and find something to appreciate about them—and feel the spaciousness open up around that challenge. Think you don’t have anything to be grateful for? Start with the fact that you are alive, and if that seems like a burden, I know a few people nearing their last breath who would love to swap places with you. You can read, which means that you have access to a mind-boggling amount of helpful information (like, ahem, this blog.) You get the picture, right Muffin? The best part, is that the more you do this, the more quickly and easily you can slip into this very healing and world-expanding brain wave state, and the more easily it is to see your identity as simply one part of your limitless being of YOU.


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