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The Concept Behind Heart Circles


When your heart is in charge of your life, the energy of the heart softens subconscious programming because:CircleofHearts

  • Your Wild Heart experiences itself, life and you as whole, where the subconscious mind divides everything, including your ideas about yourself, into two basic categories—safe and unsafe
  • Your Wild Heart is tapped into your natural genius and unlimited potential, where your mind only knows what it has learned
  • Your Wild Heart comes from acceptance and love and thus provides another way to view issues and experience life
  • This alternate view, combines with the heart’s powerful energy, rewires the subconscious to support a more wholistic, unified and compassionate view of life and relationship with yourself, with others and with life

Softening subconscious conditioning allows the heart energy to inspire the conscious Brain-Wraps-Heartmind, which leads it in the direction of your heart’s desire, which is always the direction of expansion, connection, appreciation, and awareness.

When you consciously choose to follow your Wild Heart’s inspiration, it creates more space in your life and your mind for your heart to direct you even more. This spaciousness allows you to better live from your authentic self, your natural genius, your core values.

This creates a natural circle of influence from heart to subconscious mind to conscious mind and back to heart, and the circle flows through again and again, expanding you into a deeper connection to your heart, and your true self, with each cycle.


Yes! Technology & The Heart Circle Breath


The Heart Circle Breath uses the subconscious communication tools of imagery, sensation heart-leadsand metaphor along with the heart’s energy and intention as a quantum technology to give the subconscious mind the experience of being safe when receiving the guidance of the heart.

This allows the subconscious mind to release the conditioning that is in conflict with the unconditioned heart, which, over time, allows you to live in greater alignment with your heart energy and guidance, inner wisdom, natural genius, core values and all the yumminess of you that lies beneath all you have learned about who you are supposed to be.arrow_right_pink

This breath technology can be self-directed but it is magnified when you practice it along with a recording so that your mind can relax and fully receive the energy of the heart. You can experience and use the Yes! Technology and Heart Circle Breath by signing up for the 40-Day Adventure to Yes! in the column to the right.


The Technology


The basic technology is a combination of the intentional use of breath and the intentional direction of energy that act together to create a quantum-level shift within you.

  • Inhale as if in through the front of the heart and into the deep belly and then back out through the front of the heart to activate your Wild Heart energy until deeply relaxed
  • Then inhale your Wild Heart energy from the heart along the spine to the base of the brain
  • Exhale and imagine streaming that energy from the base of the brain, through the whole brain and circle the energy back to the heart
  • Continue for 15-20 minutes

Heart-feels-what-mind-cannot-understandThat’s the basic technology. Simple, yes? In the recorded version, each step is enhances with imagery, sensation and metaphor to activate the process deep in your body and being. In the recordings, we also add suggestions that magnify Wild Heart energy and your mind’s ability to receive this energy and influence to maximize the benefit of the basic technology.

There are two additional ways you can access the benefits of Yes! Technology and the Heart Circle Breath: private Yes! to You sessions and Heart Circle Groups.


Yes! to You Sessions


Listening to a general recording is a great way to begin living from your Wild Heart, but imagine if you could have a recording custom tailored to you–addressing your challenges, releasing your block, and optimizing your Yes! to bring you a fulfilling life of living out your deepest desires. Yes! to You sessions are available by phone or Skype. More information here.


Heart Circle Groups


Community Heart Circles are a wonderful way to collectively embody an idea, vision or direction. Whether for a special interest group, spiritual/personal development group, support group, non-profit Board of Directors or corporate visioning process, the Heart Circle process done in  a like-minded group that includes specialized guided imagery to enhance the group’s vision and each individual’s participation within that vision can optimize the group synergy and energy, as well as enhance the experience of each person in that group. Heart Circle Group sessions can be done in person or via phone or Skype. See here for more information.


Try the 40-Day Adventure to Yes! Today


Why not start by saying Yes! to your own Wild Heart? Try the 40-Day Adventure to Yes! to arrow_right_pinklet go of the stress and frustration of living from the No! of your mind and start living in the ease and flow of Yes!

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