Who You REALLY Are

“You will get to where you are going by remembering who you are…”

Pack nothing, advises poet Alla Renee Bozarth in her poem Passover Remembered, which the above quote comes from.

Pack nothing. Good advice. Because where you are going, if you are, like me, an off-the beaten-path traveler on this wacky journey we call life, luggage will only weigh you down.

You see, who You really are is that expansive, out of control, non-gravitational zingy self you experience in peak moments—the outrageous joy of that first sly kiss, the exhilaration of getting your firsts driver’s license, the lung-collapsing alternate reality of seeing your child for the first time. That’s who you really are. And you know it. You can FEEL it, if you let yourself.

Who You are is so luscious that it feel like every whirling atom of your being is dancing with every other whirling atom in existence. Totally out of control. So spacious that the mind falls silent at the enormity of the experience, even fore just a moment before it collects itself, and juices your system to bring your brain back on line and your blood chemistry back into balance. As you float back down to the planet, the colors dim to a so-called normal again and your mind buttons you back into the same suit it’s been dressing you in for years. And it feeds you the fiction in a shrill schoolmarm voice that this buttoned up you is who you really are. The responsible you, the achievement-hound you, the you that fits so snugly into whatever corners of society you have decided to button yourself into.

Is this who you believe you are? Really? I don’t think so. And tucked in the back of a dusty shelf of your being somewhere, you don’t either. Trust me. It’s just that who you think you are takes so much of your time, so much of your energy, and probably so much of your money that you’ve leveraged yourself into a corner. You’ve invested so much in this buttoned up (or scrunched up if you’re grunge-oriented, because NEWSFLASH all you indies out there, you button up, too) version of yourself that you just have a whiff of who you could be without it, if you’re willing to whiff at all.

Who would you be? Who indeed?

That’s what this blog is about—traversing that fractured funhouse maze that keeps the contained, buttoned–up you from being the expansive You full time, and giving you the breathing room in the in-between space to uncover who You really are. Because You will amaze you. But beware. When You live as You full time, the training wheels dissolve and the brakes come off your life. So if you like your buttons snug, or your grunge scrunched up just so, stop reading and send this on to the weird people you know. If you want to play along, if you want to dance into the magnanimousness of who You really are, then I suggest subscribing to this blog (and send it on to your weird friends!), because all the tools and dance steps build on one another so that you can glide into being You a lot more gracefully than I have. Not that I am Me all the time, but I’m Me a lot more than I used to be.

As a fellow traveler—and being me, I’ve tried a lot of the rockier roads and found a lot of dead ends, and I have the scars and blisters to prove it–I can tell you that the journey from you to You isn’t really complicated. The big secret is to practice being You more than you pretend to be you. Simple, right? The challenge is that you have built up a very formidable façade, and you have a multitude of funhouse mirrors that reflect back the fiction of who you think you are to trick you into buttoning yourself back into the suit.

As a hypnotist, I’ve played with the mind a lot—mine as well as other people’s—and though it has some great uses and really neat tricks, its only real power is the power you give it. You, with the capital Y, have faster, more direct ways of moving your life forward, and those are the tools I want to share with you.

If you’re on the path to You, or want to be, then do three things: 1) Subscribe Below 2) read to the end of this step and then practice it: Close your eyes and go back into a peak moment—it may be like the ones listed earlier or it may be something entirely different, but that carries you deep into the heady emotional flavors of joy, love, appreciation, or, my favorite, blissful abandon. You’ll know you’re getting close to You because you get so drown in to the enormity of the experience that your mind slows down, gets quiet, and You are present. See how long You can sustain You…luscious, isn’t it? Take a break and keep practicing. 3) When you float back down to the planet, open your eyes and send this on to your friends.

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