Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.

~Robert Frost

Welcome to the Flowmations Teleseminar Series!

This page will give you a head start on figuring out what you really want to Flow into your life in 2013!


What You Really Want

It’s not what you think. That new car, the great job, the hips that fit in the skinny jeans–they are all representations of a feeling or emotion that you would like more of in your life. The things that you think you want are actually things that you have attached a particular emotion to, and it’s that feeling that you really want. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t want to bring things, situations or people into your life, only that you should be clear about what it is that those things, situations or people represent to you–so that you know what it is you really want.

As a prep for the Flowmations series, it’s useful to begin to think about what you want to flow into your life less in material terms, and more in emotional or feeling terms. In other words, how do you want your life to feel?

Not sure? Then pick something that you want. Say, a bigger bank account. Imagine that bigger bank account and how it makes you feel. It may be a sense of security, or being able to quit your job and start a business, or that you are able to buy something that you have wanted–a house, a trip, or to help out a family member or neighbor (and then go to what it is you want with the money to find out the feeling that that represents to you.) Money does not represent the same thing, or the same feeling, to everyone, and neither does anything else.

So, first homework assignment: 1) choose the top three areas you would like more flow in, and figure out how you would like those areas to feel; 2) begin to play with how you would like your whole life to feel; 3) practice these feelings, call them to your mind and into you emotional system as often as you can, and for sure every day before you go to sleep at night.

You do that consistently, you’ve got a great head start on Flow!