Yea, But What About What I BELIEVE?

What about what I BELIEVE?

News Flash: Beliefs are not real. They change all the time. Remember when you believed that only big kids rode bikes with no training wheels? There you are, with your first bike (which is a big expansion toward YOU all by itself.) But of course your bike probably had training wheels—and for good reason, so you can safely learn how to ride, find your balance, develop the strength to keep a minimum speed, as well as conquer your fear and lack of self-confidence, which, but the way, are both self-limiting beliefs. Even as a kid you can choose to grow or to stagnate—think back to the choices you made to face the ol’ fear and move to a bigger playing field, or not. Anyway, when you actually learn to ride the bike and ditch the training wheels, fear morphs into excitement, a new confidence snaps in place and wallah, you believe yourself to be a big kid, and you swagger all over the place like the big kid you are. Incidentally, fear and excitement are physiologically identical or closely related, it’s the label you give it that determines how you experience it and how it plays out in your life.


But my BELIEFS are true!

Did you read the last paragraph? Beliefs change all the time. How many beliefs have you had that you have discarded over our lifetime? Be honest now. A belief is a thought that you keep thinking until you convince yourself that it is true. I get that you believe your beliefs are TRUE, but you know that when you did change a belief, you realized how limiting or short-sighted it was once you were on the other side of it, right? Yea, thought so—okay, stop blushing. Beliefs, like any limiting self-identifier, stop you from seeing a bigger picture, and stop your YOU from bringing you a bigger Life because your limiting self-identifiers keep it from expanding.


Beliefs Are Like Lenses; The More You Have The More Limited Your View

The thing about beliefs is that they keep you in a limited relationship with yourself and with life. Beliefs are like lenses that limit your sight when you look into them. Instead of seeing things as they are, with no story attached you see it through the lens that your belief. So, instead of looking at a fact like that a city that was build below sea level was decimated by a hurricane, the tragedy of Katrina was quickly (and still is) filtered through the lenses of God’s wrath, government inadequacies, government cover-ups, poor public planning, social inequality, racial inequality, and the list could go on and on. I’m not saying that these things do not exist, simply that when you define an event, a person, or yourself through a particular lens, then it limits the expansiveness and clarity with which you might otherwise see it. It’s bad enough when you have one lens, but let’s face it, you probably have hundreds (and I’m being generous here.) All piled one on top of the other so that its hard to see clearly at all. But you know what? They are all lenses that you learned here in Bizarro World, because at your core, in your YOU, you are lens-free. You are YOU. You are Everything; and when you are Everything. Why would you do with something as limiting as a lens (not to mention a hundred lenses)?


Are You Still Breathing?

Okay, I can feel your heart pounding, maybe you’ve labeled that as excitement, or fear, or anger (I get it, you still Believe your Beliefs are true, because they are so real to you) and you may be tempted to unsubscribe or send me a howler or something. But since you’ve already read this you should know that this idea of being lens-free has started sprouted in you. Yea, you can resist it, react against it, scream at the moon, but that’s just bowing under another layer of control, another lens. Is that what you want? I didn’t think so. It’s there, and it will keep working on you, because that is the way your YOU operates. Your YOU wants so much more for you that you ever could. Sigh into that and see how that feels. Pretty good, huh?


Play of the Day

For today, do something delicious and give yourself a taste of lens-free living, or at least a taste of lens-light. Pick one of the beliefs that you know you have, be it religious, political, a belief about yourself, about life, about your partner, your job, whatever. Then, as you go through the next few days, re-look at things like news stories, comments by others, situations that come up, etc., and see if you can imagine what they would look like to you if you were to see them without that lens. If you just can’t bring yourself to let go of your precious lens (because it really is REAL, I know, I know, believe me, I know) then pick a belief system that is not yours, a different life philosophy, different culture, different generation, and view some of the things that you believe through that lens. Shocking, huh, that they really Believe that stuff? Well, sugar pop, they Believe that your Beliefs are nuts, too.

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