Want to Feel Good Today? Video!

Feel Good Today!

Congratulations! It’s great to feel good. If one my delicious regular readers, and you made it to the end of the LAST POST (and did the Play of the Day), then you might have found a whole new way to feel, allowing the potency that comes when you go into non-resistance and let the feeling flood you. Or maybe it’s old hack to you. I did this spontaneously (for certain emotions) for years, and didn’t realize what I was doing until one of my wickedly wise friends explained it to me.

How Non-Resistance Helps You Feel Good!

So let me explain it briefly here. People resist feeling an emotion for a few reasons, either because they think it is too painful, or because of the power of the feeling is just too much to run through their body and unbalances them somehow. Both are totally understandable, but both keep you limited and keep you from expanding into YOU.

Avoiding painful feelings never works in the long term, though; the feeling just hides away to torture you another day. Just kidding—sort of. It does hide away, or is stuffed down or cut off, or whatever, but it will just come back because what it is there for is to help you let go of something that is limiting you and making you small, or, in our vocabulary, keeping you you. If you are brave enough to feel it, you can release it (and by doing so, step out of limitation and expand into YOU.)


Potency Expands you into YOU!

Powerful feelings carry a potency that can feel like too much for the body to handle, and that potency comes in all flavors: anger, sadness, fear, joy, love, happiness, and all the tastes in between. In the LAST POST, you got a taste of what it is like to stop resisting a potent feeling (which just keeps you in limitation, making yourself small by dividing yourself between you and this feeling within you) and let yourself fully experience it so that it enlarges you, and expands you into YOU. Most people have trained their bodies to only receive certain kinds of energies or feelings, and when it gets to be too much, they shut it down so they don’t get to reactive or jittery or whatever. If you practice non-resistance, you can gradually train your body to receive whatever comes at you, and in whatever flavor it comes, without it unbalancing you. When you can do this, you are really getting the hang of being YOU.

Okay, so why the congratulations? Because once you can reverse your habit of resistance, and use the feelings that come up in you to expand yourself (using either of the two methods above) you are well on your way of developing the HABIT of Expanding into YOU!

Today’s Play is to watch this fun video and just let whatever feelings arise within you, to feel them without resistance, to let yourself expand with them. It’s a fun video, so don’t get all uptight on me. But it is one that always moves me on multiple levels (key here: you’ve got to open up to your feelings to play this game—watch with your heart and not the critic in your head.) Have fun—oh, and when you’re done send this to five of your friends and tell them to SUBSCRIBE!

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