What is Life Trying to Show You?

Do You Read Life?

Okay, Snookie, this may sound like a weird one but did you know that when you really pay attention you can learn to read what life is telling you? Far from a random series of events that toss you about, your YOU uses Life to show you what it wants to get through to you.

Life doesn’t make sense in the logical way–logic, remember is the bastion of the conscious mind, the part of your mind that does its best to ignore Life and YOU and find its success in the Bizarro World that it feels most comfortable in because it knows the rules of that world–heck, the rules were written by minds and egos, so of course your mind would thrive there. Life has its own logic, and rather than expect life to follow the logic of the mind (which doesn’t work, Life has a sense of humor, too, and it spins into high form when you try to figure it out via mind-logic), if you learn to listen to the logic of life, you can begin to get a sense of what life is trying to tell you. Here are a few tips:


What Repeats is Important

Whether it’s a relationship, an emotion, a job situation or a mind loop, if you find yourself walking down the same old dreary track (even if with different people), chances are there’s something in yourself that you are not seeing. Breaking free from that pattern doesn’t (necessarily) mean that it is time to change partners or jobs or friends, as tempting as that may be, it means taking a good look within to see what it is that you are resisting seeing about yourself, your beliefs, habits, reactions, etc. Then, when you see that same pattern pop up again, you have the awareness to make a different choice.


That Still Small Voice Within

You know, Sweet Pea, if you have been doing your homework (and I KNOW you have, right?), that the proverbial still small voice gets louder when you pay attention to it. In fact, when you take the time to develop a relationship with that part of you–your YOU–you really do have a much stronger sense of when your YOU is making suggestions and when your mind is impersonating your YOU (’cause it will do that.)

The idea that has wafted quietly into your mind over the course of months or years may be worth looking into, the person that “something” tells you to call may have the exact information or energy that you need, the theme that keeps coming at you in movies and books and dreams may hold a key to unraveling something that has been holding you back. Listen to that voice. Your mind will ALWAYS try to talk you out of that voice’s prompting, saying that it is foolish, that you’ll do it later, that you are deviating from rationality or logic (which is another big clue that you should check something out), but listen anyway.


That Feeling You Always Recognize in Hindsight

You know that feeling? The one that you site when you say, “I just had a feeling that…” and finish the thought with something that your conscious mind convinced you to do that your YOU was waving a red flag at? That feeling is your YOU, your body, your gut, or some other smart part of your system that was trying to tell you that something was off. Even if you choose to go against that feeling, it is good practice to acknowledge it so that you can better recognize it when it comes. Everyone’s “feeling” comes in a different way and so you really need to pay attention to your unique communication system in order to make the best decisions for you.


Yes, There Are More…

These are just three of the ways that you can begin to use in order to better understand what Life is trying to tell you. Using these systems, and any others that you find, will help you to tap into the full spectrum of intelligence and knowledge available to you, and prove to you (yet again!) that the conscious mind does not hold all the answers, or even the best answers, to Life.

No matter which avenue of knowing that you choose to listen to, being conscious about what you chose and why, rather than shutting down the various routes of information and defaulting to a habitual course of action, will help you expand into YOU.

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