“Working with Kristine provided clarity and inspiration and empowerment in my life. Months later, I continue to feel the effect of our work together and employ the tools learned through our sessions. I remain in, and continue to grow in gratitude for Kristine’s gifts.”~B.P.

The Wisdom of You


It’s much easier to get out of your own way when you understand how your mind, heart and the human operating system optimally works!

The Wise Mind is a combination of your two minds—the conscious and the subconscious. The wise Wild Heart is meant to lead your system for an optimal life.


Your Wise Mind


The conscious mind is the part of your mind that thinks rationally and logically, the Heart-and-Head-225x300“executive” function that sets goals, makes decisions, and holds whatever thoughts are currently in the forefront of your mind. And yet, when you exchange out one set of thoughts for another, the original thoughts are still accessible, but where did they go?

They’re stored in the subconscious mind, until your conscious mind needs them again. Why? Because the conscious mind is relatively limited, comprising just 10-12% of your brain volume. It’s only able to hold 5-9 pieces of information simultaneously, more than that and it goes into overload. For all the power of the conscious mind, it can process very little information per second, relatively speaking—the subconscious mind can process 500,000 times more information per second than the conscious mind.

The conscious mind functions do not really begin to develop until age 3 or 4. At the same BrainRaystime, you begin to develop what is called critical mind or critical factor, which is protective mechanism that evaluates what comes into your mind and decides whether or not to accept it as truth. Prior to this age, information is absorbed wholesale into the subconscious mind, and stored there until something happens that brings that information to the surface, often in the form of fears, emotions, reactions and the like that can seem mystifying because they come from a time and are stored in a place outside of conscious awareness.

The subconscious mind, comprises about 88-90% of your brain volume and also controls the functions of the body. The subconscious mind begins to absorb and store information as early as 3 or 4 months en utero—learning about the upcoming environment even before birth to better ensure survival. Along with regulating things like heart rate, breathing and digestion, the subconscious mind is like a vast computer filing system that stores whatever comes to it. It then compares past experience to new experiences and uses its massive processing speed to craft a response so quickly that you are well into a knee-jerk reaction before the conscious mind realizes what is going on.subconscious_mind2

These automatic thoughts, behaviors, habits, and beliefs control much of your life. These conditioned responses continue to direct your actions, reactions, thoughts and behavior behind the scenes until and unless something 1) brings them to awareness, and 2) the response is removed and replaced with a different response, and one, ideally, that support the direction that you wish to go. But–and it’s a big but–unless you align both of these minds with the desires of the heart, you are still a split system, minds united but divided from the heart.


Your Wise Wild Heart


heart-leadsYour wise Wild Heart is your authentic core. It connects you to the hearts of others, the universal heart, and to the unlimited knowing that your natural genius rises from. Your heart is who you really are beneath who you have learned to be. Your wise heart is wired into the subconscious mind, and the mind can choose how to utilize the hearts expansive energy. The conditioned mind closes off as much of the heart’s influence as it can to preserve its sense of self. The wise mind takes its place in the larger self, the one led by the heart.


Life Led from Your Wise Wild Heart


When your life is led by your wise Wild Heart, you have full access to its expansive energy, unlimited intelligence, and live from your authentic self. Once a wise mind adapts to being the servant rather than the ruler, it flows with the elevated energy of your entire system. Because it no longer has to use all its energy to try to manage your system, it can relax, calm down, use its focus, skills and abilities to support your heart’s direction and really enjoy life. Nothing is as satisfying or as enjoyable as a life lived from the heart.


Are You Ready to Say Yes! to Life & Live from Your Wild Heart?


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***Kristine Madera is a Certified Clinical Hypnotist and Hypno-Coach

***North Carolina has not adopted education or training standards for the practice of hypnotism, and so the statement of credential is for informational purposes only. Hypnotism is a self-regulating profession and licensed under the “Healing Arts” license issued by the State of North Carolina. In addition, the State of North Carolina only allows the term “therapist” to be used in conjunction with hypnotism for those who hold licenses specific to the medical and mental health fields. This is why I often use the term Clinical Hypnotist rather than Clinical Hypnotherapist while practicing in North Carolina. I am not a licensed health care provider and may not provide a medical diagnosis nor recommend that a client discontinue medically prescribed treatment.