The Power of Non-Resistance

Did You Play With Resistance Yesterday?

If not, or if you have no idea what I’m on about, look at yesterday’s POST before continuing, because it sets the groundwork for today’s. You’re with it and in the know my twinkling bubbly brook, and so I am sure that you have heard (or will let on that you have heard) that aphorism, “What you resist, persists.” It’s a pert little phrase, but it is more than just a sly use of like sounds. What you resist does persist because when you set yourself up in opposition to something, you by default define it as OTHER than you and you set up an inner stance or conflict to defend yourself against it, continuously. This takes place largely outside of awareness, sucking up your energy from behind the scenes, until the conflict rises to the surface and sucks your energy up to your face.

Back to where we left off yesterday with the misunderstandings about and power of non-resistance


Surely It Was Right to Resist Hitler?

We’ll take the misunderstandings first. What about Hitler? Yes, it was a brutal and hate-fueled time in modern history. The Nazi’s are characterized as the Borg of the Hitler collective, unthinking, unfeeling monsters that sought to wipe out what was OTHER to them. As with any broad stereotype, this is oversimplified. As individuals, Nazis surely loved their children and families, appreciated music and art, and wept when a friend died. Those for whom Nazis are the perennial OTHER, who want them wiped out or killed in the name of justice and fairness and rightness (in other words, ideologically–not those who were protecting their families, neighbors, countries, etc.), reacted to and resisted (and continue to demonize) the Nazi Borg machine. Am I glad that the resisters won the war? Oh yea. But winning the war has really just reinforced resistance, specifically, the resistance to seeing the capacity within your you to engage in the same kind of Nazi judgment and desire to purify the world of what you deem OTHER to you.

Oh no, not you? Take a look around your neighborhood, your country, the world and be honest about who is OTHER, and how far you would be willing to go to pre-emptively protect yourself from contact with THEM. Still don’t believe that of you? Turn up the heat, intensify the scenario, there is always a line in which your you can justify the same tactics that it claims to abhor. It’s not a character flaw, it’s just what identities do. Your you (which is also your identity) armors itself up with the Rightness that it could never, ever act out of that level of injustice, hatred, intolerance, etc., which is exactly why it could. Resistance makes you blind to what you are capable of, and, perhaps, to what you are already doing, cloaked it in all sorts of justifications and rationales.

Pulls that Righteous rug right out from under you, doesn’t it? That’s good, because Rightness & Righteousness (especially Self-Righteousness) is just so you.


The First Power of Non-Resistance

Your YOU, being Nothing and encompassing Everything, comfortably assimilates the energy of injustice and intolerance, and all the flavors that civil society calls filth. Sound unappealing? That’s because Bizarro World likes to strip you of power, keep you in a state of obeisance so it can continue to shovel you full of the same old BS and charge you for it. That way they can peddle the filth you don’t want to see, label it as something acceptable to you, and tax you to pay for it. Yes, it’s a paradox, but resistance isn’t how you “beat” this, you do it with the power of non-resistance.

There are two kinds of power that non-resistance brings (at least that we will talk about here.) The first is easy to understand. When you stop resisting all that you are and all that you are capable of, you no longer spend your energy hiding from yourself and the world, and reacting to life. You begin to act from Awareness, to live your life Consciously, to choose YOU over you, which strips Bizarro World of its hold over you and YOU. YOU are free to be who YOU want to be with no interference from those heavy layers of identity, judgment, resistance and you and Bizarro World use to keep you in your place. Taste that? Pretty yummy, huh?


The Second Power of Non-Resistance

This one you have to experience in order to understand, so it will be our Play of the Day. Did any part of this blog today froth you up? Good, I hoped it would, because you can use that for this Play. Anger is a great emotion to work with here, because most people either resist it by pushing it away, or resist it by dissociating from it and acting it out, usually making it someone else’s fault. But I want you to gather that anger—let go of any story or mind chatter about it and just feel the pulse of it in your body—and then let it expand and fill you. No resistance. Feel the power of that? That’s potency my lovely, and potency is at the core of YOU—the potency we normally label as anger, rage, joy, fear, excitement, all those BIG emotions that can be so hard to contain in your body that you try to shut them down, or act them out to exorcise them from your system. When you resist, they persist, coming back again and again to let you know they are there. When you let go of resisting, and let them fill you, with no drama or story attached (story or mind chatter is pure you), you allow that potency to make its home in you, to expand you closer to YOU.

Yes, it can feel overwhelming at first to feel all this potency within you, so lick the cone bit by bit, and know that with each taste, you are savoring YOU.

Congratulations! What for? I’ll let you know tomorrow. For now…

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