The Authentic Self


Have you heard the term “living your authenticity” or “being your authentic self” and were just not sure what was meant by them?

If so, you’re not alone. The Authentic Self and/or Authenticity are buzzwords these days and often used in contradictory ways. You can imagine levels of self, and authenticity, as an iceberg. In our iceberg model, only the conscious mind is visible above the surface.

Conscious Mind Authenticity


The Conscious Mind is the only visible part of the Self

Like an iceberg, the visible part of the self is very small, true Authenticity is lived from beneath the surface

Conscious Mind: This is what you think of as “I”; your conscious thoughts, goals, beliefs, values and such that make up how and what you think of yourself on a conscious level. It considers and solves problems in a linear way, values complexity, and is confined to learned knowledge to move forward or solve problems. At this level, living authentically means living in alignment with what you consciously believe, think, or feel about yourself or life, even if it conflicts with your inner signals that hint to you that you are living at life’s surface. Many people never leave this realm, but your conscious awareness makes up a very small part of your total experience—you conscious mind is just 10% of your brain volume with 20-50% of your waking time spent in the brain waves of the conscious mind state. Relying on the authenticity of this state keeps you at the surface of life.


Subconscious Mind Authenticity


Subconscious Mind: Also called the shadow self, not because it is full of dark impulses, but because it is largely hidden from the conscious mind. Your subconscious mind makes up 90% of your brain as well as your body, and you are in the brain waves of the BrainLightningsubconscious mind 50-80% of your waking day. This mind excels at identifying and creating patterns so that you don’t have to think about how to brush your teeth each time you want to. These patterns come at a cost, though, because this mind largely decides what the conscious mind will pay attention to, and thus directs most of your life out of these old patterns from the shadows. This mind beats your heart and breathes your lungs as well as stores your habits, patterns, hidden beliefs and values. To live authentically from here often means to understand your hidden motivations and to either live in alignment with them or to develop new motivations to live in alignment with. You can create new motivations based on all sorts of criteria, so you can live authentically at these three levels and still not be living from your deep Authentic Self.


True Authenticity


The True Authentic Self: Also called your Wild Heart, Spiritual Self, Soul, or Who You Really, your authentic self expresses from the heart in the form of coherent heart waves. Heart-Fun-SwirlPhysiologically, the heart rules the head, but in Western society the head is very well schooled in flooding your system with noise, doubts, logical arguments and such that drown out the quiet insistence of the heart. The heart is your center of intuition, and it explores life and options from a less linear, more intuitive way than the head. The heart actively seeks new, intuitive understanding, and as such, is also the origin of feelings like compassion, tolerance, forgiveness and non-judgment. These qualities are reflected in congruent heart waves when you practice them. Your Authentic self relies on a deep knowing that arises from a connection with others and Spirit, rather than the learned knowledge of the head. This part of your being is the seat of your inner wisdom as well as your unique perception; your true gifts in this life arise from this place and it is the home of your deepest joy and deepest connection to yourself and Life. When you live from your Authentic Self, you are living in wholeness, and your system is optimized with your heart leading the way. Living authentically from here means living in alignment with this very deep center of being, knowing and creating, which often means challenging and releasing the beliefs, assumptions, judgments and limitations of the above levels.


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