You’re About to Discover How You Can Live a Fulfilling, Authentic Life From Your Amazing Authentic Self!


stuck stressed frustrated from living an inauthentic lifeDo You Feel Stuck, Stressed or Frustrated because your current Life doesn’t reflect your true values or satisfy your deep desires, or just feels out of alignment with who you are and what’s important to you?


You probably already know that living an authentic life from your authentic self is the most satisfying and fulfilling way to live because it makes:

  • Each day—even the stressful ones—feel life giving and fun.
  • Relationships supportive and dynamic instead of stale
  • You feel empowered to keep expanding into your fullest potential in a way that energizes you rather than burns you out.

As a meditation teacher, mind-body trainer and clinical hypnotist I’ve spent my life pursuing the secrets to connecting to my true self and living an authentic life. I’ve gone down all the dead-end roads so you don’t have to.


Does this Sound Familiar?


You tried again and again to recreate your life to match your true values only to discover that:

  • The values that seemed so right weren’t really true to you after all
  • Your new life feels a little more you, but you’re even more stuck, stressed or frustrated because you can envision what you want but can’t quite bring it to life
  • You’ve gone to all this effort and even expense, but your life still feels unsatisfying

Or maybe, like me for many years, you aren’t even sure who your authentic self is, which makes it impossible to live an authentic life


It’s not your fault!


The reality is that what most people and programs claim is your authentic self isn’t authentic at all, it is based on the learned limiting beliefs of your mind and the learned reactions of your emotional system.

What these two things have in common are that they are LEARNED!

authentic-self-soul-made-visibleYour authentic self isn’t something you learned, it is who you already are—who you already were before you ever learned a single thing!

It sounds simple, but it took me YEARS to figure out that my authentic self couldn’t be found through my mind or known through what felt right.

It took even longer to figure out how to connect with my true self, and then a few more years to figure out how to live authentically from my true self without my mind and my emotions getting in the way.

For YEARS I tried to make this very complicated (the mind likes complex things because it makes it feel important and needed.) I spent thousands of dollars trying to “heal” my conditioned emotional reactions like anger and fear, thinking that if I could only heal enough, my true self would shine through.

But then it clicked!

How to live an authentic lifeI realized that my True Self, the Authentic Me, was much more powerful than the learned beliefs of my mind or the learned conditioned emotional reactions.

All I needed to do was tap into this enormously powerful force and let it do the work for me.


And Guess What, It Works!


By simply connecting with your True Self through Direct Experience rather than through the mind or the emotions (which don’t work anyway), and using the Amazing Influence of your Authentic Self, you can begin to live the Authentic Life you have dreamed of.


It’s Simpler Than You Think!


617003.TIFDirect experience of a desired state is the fastest way to change an old pattern into a new one.

My 40-Day Adventure to Yes! includes a simple 18-minute guided meditation that leads you through particular patterns of breathing and energy flow that gives you a Direct Experience of your Authentic Self. When you listen daily for 40 days, this direct experience begins to shift the guiding force of your life from your thoughts, your beliefs and your conditioned emotional reactions, to the full flow of your Authentic Self, so that you:

  • Say Yes! to Getting Out of Your Own Way
  • Say Yes! to Connecting to Your True Self
  • Say Yes! to Living an Authentic Life


When You Live from Your Authentic Self…


  • Your life is deeply satisfying, because your True Self knows exactly what satisfies Authentic-trail-of-magicyou!
  • You live from your true values, because your Authentic Self already knows what is important to you!
  • You feel more energized, because living from your authentic self gives you energy rather than burns through your inner resources working for what you don’t really want!
  • Life feels more natural because you don’t have to “think” though everything, your Authentic Self inspires your actions and directions, so you always know just what to do!


Who Am I To Share This With You?


I am passionate about living an authentic life—and have been since I was a kid. I learned very early about the power of beliefs—especially hidden, subconscious beliefs—to shape your experience. It’s what ultimately led to me becoming a Clinical Hypnotherapist, to help others reshape their beliefs and improve their lives.

Once I learned about the power of beliefs, there were two burning questions that drove my life:

  • If I am not who I think I am or believe myself to be, who am I?
  • How can I let go of all the beliefs that get in the way so I can live from who I really am?

Those kept me busy for years. In more recent years, with all the brain research that has emerges, a third question began an even deeper pursuit:

  • How can I rewire my brain not only to allow me to live from my Authentic Self, but to actually facilitate the process?

That Question Inspired the 40-Day Adventure of Yes!


What’s Included in the 40-Day Adventure?


The downloadable guided meditation included in the 40-Day Adventure of Yes! lays the foundation for living from Yes! It helps you:Treu-you-dr-suess

  • Connect to your Authentic Self so that you can feel your authentic flow
  • Use your Amazing Authentic-Self Energy to dissolve the learned, limiting beliefs and reactive emotions that can get in your way
  • Establish your Authentic Self as the leader of your life
  • Live an Authentic Life, with your True Self as the guiding force


The included E-Booklet helps you;

  • Understand the process and terminology, which helps you to integrate the process more deeply
  • Gives you detailed instructions on how to get the most of the program and the recording
  • Tells you how to get the Bonus Recording, and the fabulous benefits it has


This Sounds Great, Kristine! How Much?


It’s free. Totally free.

FreeItemsThey say that the best things in life are free, and so this is my gift to you because discovering this amazing process is the best thing that has ever happened to me. And I want to share it with you.

All you need to do is to sign up below and it will be delivered to your inbox. That’s it!

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