So You Really Want to be Somebody?

Hopefully re-thinking any desire to be Somebody (and if you are just getting to this, click here to see why being Somebody sucks.) But, you ask, if I am not Somebody, or at least busting my ass to be somebody, then what am I?


Oh, I can hear the screams now—but all my life they told me I needed to be Somebody, that I needed to do Something great and meaningful, that making some sort of Difference is what makes life worthwhile.

So I would ask, how’s that working for you? Now, if you’re living from You, congratulations—you’re making a difference simply be being You, but you don’t do that by stampeding a windmill to change the world, or refining an identity or a reputation or branding yourself, for God’s sake. Being You changes the world because You interact with the world just by being, and the potency of that being is so compelling to people in ways they can’t even articulate, and it helps them step over the fear of unbuttoning maybe one or two buttons of a straightjacket suit that no longer fits, and invites them to breathe a little more freely.

That little bit of expansion is all that their You needs to breathe more life and authenticity into them, which necessarily changes the direction of their life—because once those suit buttons are undone, Life sweeps you forward toward You. Now you might find a new, roomier suit to button themselves into, but at least it’s a bigger suit, so even buttoned up, they are more of their You than they were before.

The thing about being You that changes the world, is that all of a sudden, instead of trying to convince people to change and do what you think they should do (usually to be more like you, because your you mostly believes that if everyone were more like you then the world would be a better place, or at least more comfortable for you, which is all that your you cares about), being You, just Being You, inspires people to be more of their You, too. And inspiration requires no real work, no windmills to defeat, no petitions to sign, no debates or political affiliations. It simply requires that you step into You, and simply be becoming more You every day (or most days), you and You change the world. And, here’s the kicker, being You takes a hell of a lot less effort than being you. Seriously, way less effort—and it’s a lot more fun.

Fine, you say, but what about that being Nothing piece, that seems like a Deal Breaker.

It is, if you think about it from the bizarro world’s viewpoint. Bizarro world has taught you to be small, to temper your natural expansiveness in order to fit in—to your family, your school, our friends, your church, your grunge buddies, your yoga crowd, whatever. Every label and byte of identity you take on, every judgment and opinion you cling to, is one more snug button that you are choking yourself to death with. All those buttons do for you is to make you controllable by the same people, beliefs and institutions that you contort yourself to fit into. So basically, they imprison you in a cage of your own making.

But here’s the truth, my sweet snookie, or at least the truth according to me and Me: smallness is not your natural state, which is why it pinches so much, and why your You, from deep within, gooses you to struggle against it so that the suits you’ve picked out to wear are always just a teensy bit too tight. Sort of a one-upmanship between you and You, as You vies for your attention so you start unbuttoning into You. Truth (according to me and Me): the more you are Somebody, the smaller you are; the more you are Nobody, the bigger you are. Imagine being locked yourself into the small, well-defined room of your life, and your You starts to turn up the heat, and you just keep redecorating, thinking that if you get the right shade of lime green on the right wall, the right labels on everything, then everything will be okay, but You just turns up the heat again and this goes on and on until you either bake yourself to death or you open the freaking window, take a breath of outside air and enlarge your life, which is what You has been trying to get you to do.

Guess what? If you are reading this, then your You is turning up the heat on you. I bet there is at least one snippet of your life that has been pinching you, maybe for years now, but that’s started to pinch just a little harder recently. It’s probably the one that you’ve been dabbing salve on for ages, telling yourself that the salve will work this time, and ignoring the fact that it never really has, and never will, because You won’t let it. Reading a blog like this is just going to crank up the heat, but that’s why you’re reading—You wants you to, and on some level, you want to, too. Sure, you can button back up, erase this blog from your search history, stick your fingers in your ears and say La-la-la-la at the top of your lungs to drown You out, which won’t work anyway because you’ve already read enough that your You won’t back down.

So if you want to play along with You just a bit, and maybe loosen a button or two somewhere in your life, you can listen to the recording below. By trade, I’m a hypnotist (not one of those stage hypnotists that make you quack like a duck, I’m the kind that can help you and You communicate and start moving down the same path.) Some people freak out at the thought of hypnosis, but really, there’s nothing to freak out about. If hypnotists could control minds, they could control the world, and we don’t, obviously, and the millions out there who have been hypnotized are not walking zombie-like through the streets.

This kind of hypnosis is a sort of hypno-lite. It helps you get into that kind of daydreamy state in which anything feels possible. If you are human, and not a cyborg, you probably go into that state on your own a hundred times a day. Among other things, this alpha state is a sort of grassy park where you and You play, and where you emerge a little more You. Simple.

So if you’re game, find a comfy seat where you won’t be disturbed (and not while you are driving or have your hand in the blender), close your eyes and let yourself go into the imagery. If you don’t see things in your mind as pictures, then just use your imagination. It’s just you and You and me and Me here, and you and You are always in charge of what’s going on with you. Even in hypnosis. Listen to this for a couple of days so it really sinks in.

Oh, and if you like this, when you’re done, send it on to a friend or three. And subscribe if you haven’t already so that you can keep skipping into You.

Listen Here:

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Don’t forget to keep practicing being You. If that makes no sense, or you’ve lost the mojo for some reason, it’s back to the first post for you!

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