Slow Down to Catch Up to YOU

You Live Outside of Time

Oh, I can hear the guffaws now…but if you have been practicing being You (and if this is new to you get the cheat sheet here or Subscribe From The Beginning in the sign up to the right) then tell me, what is time like when you are in You? Sure, time may pass in the sense that there is a space of seconds or minutes between the time you get into You and slip back out of it again, but the perception of time when you are You is totally different than when you are you. Your You is outside of time (and outside of space, but that is a different conversation) and when you are you it is as if time crawls to a halt, stands so still it’s as if there were no such thing as time, which there really isn’t in the larger scheme of things.

Your you may be a speed demon, but You are not. In fact, when you are zipping and zigging and zagging through life at fill tilt (the way they love us to in bizarro world so that we can get so much done, as if all that doing makes the world more fun) you miss out on the luscious timelessness of You.


You are You in Spontaneous Time Outs

You are in the sudden scent of a flower that halts your rush through the grocery store. You are present when you relax into a meandering walk with a young child and join in with her curiosity of every weed and worm. You are in the slow moments of life. You are not a multi-tasker or a juggler (that would be you.) You are molasses in winter.


The Rush of the Rush is you Rather than You

When you are in the rushing, doing mode that bizarro world has conditioned us into, your conscious mind is focused on a particular task (even when multitasking, they’ve proven that you just shift focus from one thing to another quickly rather than being able to focus on more than one thing at once) while generally having a constant stream of chatter going on in your head that speeds you through a task so that you can get to the next one. This pace gives you a rush that feeds on itself until you finally collapse from exhaustion.

I’m talking to myself here, too, BTW, because I always have a to-do list longer than a toilet roll and my me gets a lot of satisfaction in crossing off as many things as I can in a day. So I get that whole “doing” mania, and I get off on it, too. The problem is that this frantic focus pulls you out of the expansive, timeless view of You so often that You feel strange to you while the bizarro-world trained, frantic-focus you feels normal, at least until you drop dead of a heart attack or fall to some other stress-induced illness. As we’ll get into as we go, not only is rushing roulette not a state that is optimal for you (this is based on how the body works, not the upside down values of bizarro society) but it is downright destructive to body, mind and soul. There are times, of course that you need to focus, but the bizarro school of life teaches us to be there all the time, and this keeps you from ever being You without some Big Flippin’ Deal (BFD) that snaps your full attention to You.


You Don’t Need a BFD to Slow Down, Just Practice Being You

You don’t really want that if you can help it. My husband Joseph had a BFD in the form of a near-death experience, which really flipped him into his You, but the “near” can get dropped from that experience all too easily, so try to avoid that one if you can. I’ve had BFDs that have flipped me to my Me with near car crashes and other crises, and you probably have, too. But the delicious thing about practicing You is that you can get there, be there, and stay there without any BFD to mess with your day or your life. All you need to do, is to practice being You. Every day. Been doing that?

Today’s play is simply to slow down and be present with whatever you are doing, as if it were the only thing that you had in the world to do and all the time in the world to do it. Be present without commentary or mind chatter, slow that down to zero, too. Enjoy the slowness, your breath, the sensual elegance of touch as your fingers or whatever feels the movement or texture of what you are doing. Even if you can do that with one thing for five minutes, it will slow you down so that you might catch up to You.

Then send this to three friends so you can all slow down together.

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