A Shortcut to Getting What You Want

A Shortcut to Want I Want? Sign Me Up!

Hey, Sunshine, I know that you, the brilliant being that you are, already know that you don’t get what you want by focusing on the big blank space in your life that you would like to fill up. You know, I’m sure, that you instead focus on the thing you want as if you already had it, and the feeling of what you want as if it were already snug in your life.

But there is another way to fast-track what you want, so that it comes in even quicker. Wanna know what it is? Yea, thought so…


Love Your Life

Yep. Simple, huh? Way too often, you get caught in this cycle of postponing loving your life until things are just so—the right mate, the right job, the right number of digits in the ‘ol bank account. It’s like to love your life as it is will stall any positive changes, and you’ll get complacent, and cease to grow and receive. So not true!

In a restaurant, when you order something that you love, you gush about it, rave about it, and order another plate of it just as everyone around you, infected by your love, rushes the kitchen for some of what you are having. Well, Life is infected by love, too. When you love your life, and when you really love the things you want more of in your life (like more money, more fun, more friends, etc.) it’s like ordering more of what you love from the kitchen of Life. What you love, you get more of. So simple, so elegant, and it feels so very good.


What You Pay Attention To Comes To You

Yes, it’s true that what you hate, fear, get angry over, you get more of, too. It’s an attention thing and a feeling thing. What you pay attention to, and infuse with feeling, you order from Life’s kitchen. But love feels so much better than those other emotions that I’m sure you are already on a stringent training course to beef up the love and lean out the fear. I just brought it up as, you know, a gently reminder.


Play Time

So Love yourself into a feeding frenzy of fun. Pick one thing that you want more of, find ways that you already have it in your life, and love those ways (and your whole life) so that Life puts in your order for more of what you want on the hurry up. The orders that are delivered fastest are those that are the strongest and most consistent. So make loving what you want a regular part of your day and your life. In any case, you’ll feel so good, and you’ll be loving what you already have so much more, that your life will feel just ducky as Life’s creative cooks whip, stir and serve up the dish of your choice.

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