Shine Like the Light YOU Are

Ah, Rumi, Poet of the Heart…

The wound is the place where the light enters you. –Rumi

Rumi, if you have never heard of him, was a 13th century Persian. A Muslim poet and Sufi mystic, Rumi really knew his YOU. He knew, for example, that it is the place that you feel the most wounded that is your avenue to your brightest light, precisely because it is the place that you are most vulnerable, and likely, most YOU.

Yours is a unique perspective in this world, Sunshine. Yes you (and YOU.) Your you, of course has had a matrix of experiences and insights that reflect a singular view of the world. Your YOU also has a unique perspective within the vast Oneness that it belongs. One way that your YOU tries to expand you into sharing its view of the world is through the place that you are the most vulnerable, where you have been wounded, hurt, betrayed, seemingly violated; where you feel most powerless and victimized. The challenge, of course, is that where you are most wounded, you are also the most walled off, protected and defended. So getting you to go there can be quite a feat.

Why there, to the depth of your vulnerability? Well I won’t pretend to have a full answer, but my experience has shown me that this is the fast track to YOU. When you step into those places that feel most desperate and lost and traumatic for you, and you really feel what’s there and let yourself experience it, and then walk through it with your YOU as your guide, you come out the other side having turned that pain into empowerment, having shifted a chafing vulnerability into an openness to living and to Life, and turned the loneliness and desperation of that place into a foundation of partnership with your YOU.


No Pain No Gain

Oh, the way that phrase can be misused… but the single most excuse people give for short-circuiting this process is that it can hurt. Well, yea it can. It doesn’t have to, but if you’ve defined strong emotion as painful, then yea, it can hurt. (And if you’ve forgotten or never saw the post on how to claim the potency of strong emotion, then you can check it out HERE.)

Yea, I know you don’t want to go there, but how well has avoiding that place worked for you so far? It’s an open secret, Sunshine, that the pain is already there, hurting you, pinching you, stuffing you into a life five sizes too small. It’s just barricaded behind walls of fears, beliefs, shame, guilt and such, and you avoid feeling it with TV, blame, food, drugs, choose your distractions. To avoid it again and again is to invite a pattern of avoidance that can, for example, result in heart disease, diabetes, and other physical imbalances. But it’s there, Sweetness, and trying not to feel it is just sucking up the energy you could use to really Live your Life, to be Joy, to be YOU.


No Guts No Glory

Oh, another of those adrenaline-producing phrases that have sent me to the hospital for stitches and broken bones, but I digress… Take a chance, Sugar. Be the Glory that you were born to be. When a sensation or feeling arises, instead of avoiding it, distracting your way out of it, eating your way through it or denying it altogether, sit with the feeling, just be with it, without trying to change it or intensify it, or feeding it with some story or another. Keep it company and be present with it, really feel it. And as you do, you will begin to feel it unravel. Something deeper may arise to take its place, and something beneath that. There may be tears involved, or some pretty intense feelings that you can transform into potency along the way. But deep in that experience you will find YOU, you will encounter the light that can flood in via that old wound, if only you let it, and that light will warm your world, and illuminate the world around you with your beautiful, unique, view that can open up anther person’s world, or perhaps the entire world, when you let it out to play.

Uh-oh, I feel another of those phrases coming on… Just Do It


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