Resistance Is Futile

Resistance is Futile

Can’t You Just See a Borg Saying That When You Read It?

Okay, if you are not a Star Trek fan, then maybe not. If you’re not in the know, the Borg are a collective of different (humanoid for the most part) species who have been implanted (against their will) so that they are part of a group mind working together for world domination in the quest for some bizarre form of perfection in which all beings think and act with one mind. Oh, now you know them, right? The unthinking, uncritical, conformist masses of the OTHER political party, the OTHER religion, the OTHER philosophy, or, for some, simply anything that is OTHER. But not you. No, never you. Yea…thought so.


In Star Trek As In Life…

In Star Trek, as in most of the movies and life in general, you are programmed, um, I mean gently guided, into the mental and physiological conditioning that the way to be your own independent being is to resist those things that force you into conformity—school rules, the ‘rents fierce judgment as to how long (or short) your hair is allowed to be, paying taxes, wearing your seatbelt, pick your tonic. The stance of resistance in the mind is reinforced in the body with the yummy adrenaline hit that we talked about in the PREVIOUS POST. It’s like a One-Two punch to your YOU.


Yep, Resistance is Still Futile

But here’s the thing, resistance simply REINFORCES that which it claims to resist. So, truly, resistance is futile, and yet so is not resisting, or not questioning or being otherwise unaware in the Borg sense. To adopt and act out of a learned agenda, old learned habit, patterns or beliefs outside of conscious awareness makes you a slave to them. But living in resistance and reaction to an agenda, idea, belief or whatever makes you just as much of a slave, because that reaction and resistance hold you in a similar unconscious, reactionary program.


Resistance, YOU and you

So what does all this have to do with YOU and you? Your you is layered with Borg-like resistance and reaction, it’s part of who you have come to know yourself to be. Your you has definite ideas about what it is, and it has trained itself to pursue more of that, to surround itself with people and situations that mirror back to it that what it is, is perfectly acceptable. In other words it has self-created its own Borg collective. Your you also defines itself as what it is NOT, the unjust, unappealing, downright nonsense of the OTHER. And your you lives in resistance to that—and if you doubt this, switch between the two extreme news channels (you know which ones I mean) and catalog your reactions. Interesting huh? Didn’t think you were such an easy read, did you? Oh there is so much more I could say about this, but I digress…


YOU are EVERYTHING and NOTHING; YOU are Voraciously Non-Resistant

If you’ve been keeping up, then you know what I mean by Everything and Nothing, and if you don’t click that link to refresh your memory. Your YOU, that expansive, amazing, limitless being that you already are under the mantle of all your you’s delusions of identity, is Nothing, meaning that it without the labels and limitations of beliefs, unconscious patterns, or identity. To be limitless, YOU don’t take on or live under those kinds of limitation. Everything is available to YOU in this state of Pure Nothingness. Because it is such a unbounded state in which to be, it is voracious in its experience of life and being. Because YOU don’t resistYOU don’t need to, because being Nothing, You encompass and embrace Everything. There is a lot of misunderstanding here, and a whole lot of power.

We’re going to go into the misunderstanding and power tomorrow, but for right now it’s PLAYTIME!


Playing With Resistance

You’ve felt it, that rigidness, perhaps snapping tight from the spine out when someone says something OTHER, or does something that threatens your sense of what’s right or wrong (in other words, threatens your sense of who you are :>) And you have probably felt how you relax and go all yummy and gummy inside when someone says or does something that reinforces some aspect of you. Politicos are great at goosing you with both ends of this for their own ends, BTW, so watch yourself of you’re getting this in real time—the height of the US election season.

Your play is to watch your reactions today, notice both the melting and the tightening. With the tightening, really see what it is that is threatening and then consciously relax your body’s resistance. An idea is not going to hurt you, let go of your resistance to it and see how it feels. Playyyyy with it. Maybe even giggle, if your you will let loose enough.

Then send this to five of your friends!

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