“If you are going to dive into your subconscious life, you need someone who is clear, experienced, trustworthy, compassionate and kind. Kristine is this and then some. I find her methods to be quick, with excellent results. I trust her with the deepest thoughts in my psyche (not always flattering) and afterward am clearer, happier and more centered. Who could not love that!”~NF

Heart Journey Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Heart Journey session like?

Most sessions last 90-120 minutes, and are by phone or by skype. We start by talking about your Big Dream and what has been getting in your way. We spend a short time on your mind’s version of the “story” you have been telling yourself and quickly tap into the emotion, sensation, metaphor or other manifestation of resistance that comes up. From there, we use techniques to dissolve each layer of resistance as it rises. The great part is once that layer releases, it is gone forever.  As these layers release, it frees you to live from a different story–one that supports who you truly want to be and the Big Dream you are inspired to create. We re-enforce this new story with the inner power that replaces the released resistance.

heartmonoprintYour inner wisdom always knows the optimal amount of resistance to release each session. I then lead you through a guided meditation that helps you to continue releasing resistance as well as speeds you toward your Big Dream. I record the meditation and email you an mp3 of of it with an added background track of binaural and isochronic beats for better brain absorption.

How many sessions should I have and how long should there be between sessions?

How many sessions are best for you is unique to you. Generally, your initial Breakthrough Session will get you past the resistance that is most challenging you, and allow you to make the next big leap toward your Big Dream. Sometimes, we need to do a preliminary resistance clearing session before we can get to the resistance you have to the next step in your Big Dream.

Sometimes one session is enough to clear the way to your Big Dream. More often, a session will carry you through a big leap forward or two, until you come up against a deeper, tougher layer of resistance that you want to work through together.

The sessions build on each other synergistically, so the more you do the easier it will be to clear the resistance yourself as it arises, even the tough stuff!

How do I prepare for a session?

I’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out and send back, which gives me some background on your Big Dream and what has been getting in the way. I may give you some pre-session homework or some questions for you to consider in the time before the session. It is a good idea to plan some quiet time before and after your session to help you to focus and calm your mind, which makes getting into the resistance release process easier. After a session, it can be beneficial to rest, meditate, journal or just New-day-new-mehave time to sit alone and absorb and integrate the “work” you did during the session.

For the session itself, you should be in a quiet place where you can close your eyes, relax and be undisturbed throughout. A landline with a good headset is optimal both for a reliable connection and so you can relax your hands and arms. I use a landline, however, so if you need to use a cellphone, that generally works as long as there is a good connection. Be sure you are hydrated and have eaten recently enough that you won’t be hungry. Be sure you are comfortable—warm or cool enough, have gone to the bathroom, have on comfortable clothes—so that you can relax as much as possible.

Why do you do your sessions over the phone/skype, even if I live nearby?

Simply, it is much more efficient and effective to do Breakthrough sessions over the Life-begins-at-end-of-comfort-zonephone. You can be in a place where you are most comfortable, and so go deeper into the process faster than when you are in my office. Also, in an office setting, people get tempted to break out of the process, open their eyes, and return to conversation, which short-circuits the releasing process. That temptation is minimized over the phone. It is easier for me to “hear” what is happening with the process when I have just the audio input, and so I can respond more effectively. Part of the process is also to help you connect to your own inner wisdom and body/mind communication system so that you can use it on your own.

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I’m no longer accepting new clients and recommend you contact the amazing Kevin Peer who also does heart-oriented hypnosis in person and over the phone.

You can find him at Inner Alliance . net


***Kristine Madera is a Certified Clinical Hypnotist and Hypno-Coach

***North Carolina has not adopted education or training standards for the practice of hypnotism, and so the statement of credential is for informational purposes only. Hypnotism is a self-regulating profession and licensed under the “Healing Arts” license issued by the State of North Carolina. In addition, the State of North Carolina only allows the term “therapist” to be used in conjunction with hypnotism for those who hold licenses specific to the medical and mental health fields. This is why I often use the term Clinical Hypnotist rather than Clinical Hypnotherapist while practicing in North Carolina. I am not a licensed health care provider and may not provide a medical diagnosis nor recommend that a client discontinue medically prescribed treatment.

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