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Potency is Pure Emotional Energy

Potency is the pure energy of emotion stripped of any judgment, belief system or story that you attach to it. Potent emotions expand you and condition you to tolerate larger and larger responses of energy—the responses that you normally shut down because they make you feel off balance or jittery or out of control. When you choose to not shut it down, to go into non-resistance and allow that energy to run though you (and not react to it, in an instance of say, potent anger), you are helping to expand your body toward YOU. Why? Because YOU are EVERYTHING, and when YOU are EVERYTHING (and still in your cute and fun body) YOU allow EVERYTHING to run through you, resisting nothing. Why? Because this sets you free to step out of the limitation of you and expand into the limitlessness of YOU.


Resistance Keeps you in Duality

Resistance is a stance of duality—us and them, right and wrong, good and bad, of judgment, identity, definition, all those things that make life heavy and keep you in inner conflict. This keeps you limited and When you stop resisting, you stop wasting your energy keeping you divided against yourself and against life, and you are free to become YOU.


Practice Makes Potent

But in order to do that, it is good to start by practicing allowing the potency of emotions expand you as they come, which will feed you the fullness of YOU one bite at a time. Why? Because to become YOU all at once, fully and completely, so totally turns your life upside down that it can be disorienting—ask anyone who has had a near death experience (and many who have won’t talk about them because they are so disorienting that they don’t think they can make the people around the understand, so better to keep it to themselves or ignore it completely and how their YOU will go away. Newsflash: It won’t :>)


Practicing the Potency of YOU

How do you practice this stuff? Anger is a great emotion to work with, because most people either resist it by pushing it away, or resist it by dissociating from it and acting it out, usually making it someone else’s fault. So, I want you to bring to mind something that makes you angry. There are two steps here:

1) Notice any tension or rigidity in your body that comes up with this, and simply relax it. Don’t relax away the anger, simply the resistance to it. As you do, let go of any story you have about this anger or the situation that caused it, any belief that someone did you wrong, any mind chatter about it.

2) Feel the pure pulse and flow of sensation in your body—breath with it—not to dissolve it, but it let it expand and fill you. Keep doing this. No resistance. Until it has naturally filled every cell of your being and becomes fully part of you. Feel the power of that?

That’s potency my lovely, and potency is at the core of YOU—the potency we normally label as anger, rage, joy, fear, excitement, all those BIG emotions that can be so hard to contain in your body that you try to shut them down, or act them out to exorcise them from your system. When you resist, they persist, coming back again and again to let you know they are there. When you let go of resisting, and let them fill you, with no drama or story attached (story or mind chatter is pure you), you allow that potency to make its home in you, to expand you closer to YOU!

Yes, it can feel overwhelming at first to feel all this potency within you, so take it slow, just lick the cone bit by bit, and know that with each taste, you are savoring YOU. Do this with all the BIG emotions that come to you.

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