How to Make a Heart-Inspired Love Offering


Please Read the Entire Page Before Making Your Love Offering


Welcome to my Inspiration Experiment!

I’ve talked about living from inspiration for a long time. Helping people live from inspiration is part of my work in the world. But I was recently confronted with the reality that I was not living it in every part of my life.

Specifically, I was not living it with money and my business. I charged for my services, three-bearswhich set up a Three Bears situation: people with little money who wanted to work with me but couldn’t afford it; people with lots of money who said I should charge much more, and those who had enough money that my services were priced right for them. This never sat well with me. I’ve been in each of these situations as a consumer, and so I knew the feelings that came with each: lack and the inability to access a service; undervaluing and thus not getting the most from a service; and just right which gives both the provider and consumer optimal value.


A Common Challenge


When talking to other entrepreneurs about how to price services, we spoke a lot about how to find that sweet spot that maximized the full benefit of our services for each person. Practically speaking, you reap the benefits of an empowering change in your life based on two things: Life-begins-at-end-of-comfort-zone

1) The level of personal resources you are willing to expend to achieve that benefit, including financial resources.

2) How much effort you put into accepting and maintaining that change.

Changing the status quo is always a risk, both in your inner emotional world and because it creates ripples large and small in your outer world. Finding the sweet spot of financial risk to add to the equation often makes the difference between a change that is valued and maintained, despite the personal resources it requires to make and maintain that change, and one that slips away or never takes hold because the risk of change outweighed the money paid. The challenge is that, like the Three Bears scenario, each person’s sweet spot is different, and it’s impractical to try to figure that out for everyone.


Your Heart Knows


Your heart not only knows the sweet spot that optimizes the experience, benefit or transformation you want, but it knows something even more significant–the doubly sweet spot that would ignite the spiritual transformation of living from your heart.

LovwWordsHeartIn my experience, living from your heart is the most expansive way to live life. It bypasses your learned patterns and limitations and stretches you into a greater experience of yourself and of life. It opens possibilities that may have seemed impossible—if you had even been able to see them with your patterns and limitations in place. It taps you into your ever-expanding potential by continually pushing you beyond the boundaries of your perceived limitations to embrace a greater sense of who you are and who you can be. This expansion happen each time you live from your heart’s inspiration.


Following My Heart’s Inspiration


In the process of following my own heart’s inspiration, a challenge from friend prompted me to see not only that I was out of alignment with my own principles by running my heart_cloudbusiness in a conventional fee-for-service model, but also how I could both align with my principles and help other people live from their heart inspiration while also making my services accessible to anyone. The simple guidance was to ask each person to connect to their heart’s inspiration and follow that inspiration for whatever love offering they were guided to give. The clear message from my heart was that by trusting people to follow their heart inspiration, my business would not only survive, but thrive, and living from that level of trust would bloom magic and miracles in all parts of my life.


How I Knew it was Heart Inspiration


I knew this message was my heart’s inspiration because:

  • 1) It felt really good and made me go “ahhh”, even as it seemed both absurd and impossibly Pollyanna-ish
  • 2) It stretched me WAY out of my comfort zone, and I had no idea how it would work but I knew I could trust it would work somehow
  • 3) It took me deep into my own hidden patterns of how I acted—and avoided acting—from my own heart’s inspiration, especially with money and how I valued goods and services
  • 4) It caused me to confront a fundamental block, in this case a deep doubt that if I lived from heart inspiration fully that I could trust other people to follow their heart’s inspiration honestly and choose to act on it, too, rather than see my services as something for nothing, or transformation on the cheap.

Because it was heart inspiration, and I did choose to act on it, it did what acting on heart jump_of_joyinspiration does: it expanded my life, my trust, and my business, all of which created big shifts in my consciousness and my experience of myself and of life. It also really simplified my life—which was something else I have been striving for.

With each new inquiry and action, I go deeper and wider and more expansive, and though I can’t predict exactly what it will do for you, I invite you into the adventure by using the following exercise (or your own if you already have one) to connect to your own heart, receive guidance and act on it, whether you are making a love offering to me for a product or service, or to someone or something else.


Further Guidance


This process can be intimidating, I am told by those those who have engaged it, and I got several requests to provide a suggested range for services. Just FYI, before I switched to this model, I charged $125/hour for a private session.

  • Suggested Love Offering for a 90-minute Private Session: $125-$200
  • Suggested Love Offering for a Meditation Class or Download: $5-$25

These are guidelines. Feel free to offer more, and if this is out of range for you, feel free to contact me and talk further about how to make a session fair and manageable for both of us.


The Heart Inspiration Process


Sit in a comfortable place with a comfortably straight spine, close your eyes.

Set Your Intention: Tell your heart that you would like its inspiration for what love offering to make for whatever it is that you are offering it for. After this, it is best to let go as much as you can your mind’s influence. The mind will often try to hijack this process by Katie-Daisy-Trust-Your-Heart-boxtrying to give you an answer, or by immediately (and until you act on the inspiration) challenging that inspiration with rational, logical, limited thinking that comes from your patterns and not from your heart.

Breath into Your Heart Using the Heart Breath: inhale through your nose (if possible) and out through your nose or mouth. Do this for several breaths to calm your body and mind. Then imagine breathing in as is through the front of your heart, down into your deep belly or diaphragm, and back out as of through the front of your heart. Do this until your mind and body feel very quiet.

Thank Your Heart (ideally with a feeling of gratitude rather than mental words of thanks) for its Inspiration: giving thanks for what you want as if you already have received it is a basic principle of living from trust and inspiration.

Wait for a Response: Generally the first thing that comes, instantly or almost instantly heart-leadsis your heart’s inspiration. The heart operates in present time, which means there is no lag between a request and an answer. If you are new at heart inspiration, then you may have more of a challenge “hearing” the response. It may come as a feeling or a knowing, a image or picture, a sound or something else.

  • Heart inspiration generally: 1) is quiet and feels good, right or makes you smile even if it seems strange or outlandish; 2) stretches you beyond your comfort zone; 3) feels expansive (physically, mentally and or emotionally) even if you cannot name the limitation it pushed you beyond. Acting on heart inspiration re-enforces this expansion.
  • Mind interference generally: 1) is loud and/or insistent, often jumping in right at the heels of your inspiration to drown it out; 2) feels practical, logical, controlled, controlled, measured; 2) contracts some part of your body or mind because it pulls you into limitation. Acting from mind influence re-enforces this limitation.

If You Seem to Get No Response: Relax and try later. It may take a few tries to get this to work for you. Also, because you have set the intention, it may come when you are relaxed and not trying, like when you can’t remember a name or something and, at a time when you are not focused on it, it pops into your awareness.


Love Offering


Love-Offering1Below are an address you can send a check to, as well as a Paypal button. Welcome to the adventure of living from heart inspiration.

Mailing Address: Kristine Madera, 309 Woodfield Drive, Asheville, NC  28803   USA


More on Living From Heart Inspiration


You may find that as you open to living from heart inspiration, inspiration comes to you spontaneously. This is your heart calling on you to participate in a miracle. By following inspiration you put in motion, add momentum to, or directly offer the miracle that someone else needs, whether that miracle is money, information, friendship, community, a connection of some sort, or some other thing that would enrich that person’s live on some way.

Aside from those I’ve already outlined, there are some other good reasons to follow this spontaneous inspiration. relax-journey-of-discovery

  • The miracle you participate in may be your own or benefit someone you love.
  • The more miracles you choose to participate in, the more you open to a miraculous life and the more miracles will line up for you as an everyday experience and not just in emergencies
  • Following inspiration has its own reward, like with kindness, an act of inspiration releases healing hormones into your body, making you not just feel better, but improving your health and well-being.

Every moment gifts you a choice to live in expansion and inspiration, or to re-enforce your perceived limitations. Every moment the choice is yours.

Which do you choose?