Living in the Question

I’ve been playing with this idea for a while now that the mind as a problem identifier, planner, and solution creator is a pretty limited thing. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mind. It’s given me hours and months and years of interesting points to ponder, adventure to fantasize about, and infinite plans for potential futures that never came to pass (but the planning was fun!) The mind, however, has a few serious limitations. It likes to control, which means it likes to funnel the expansiveness of awareness and present-moment knowing through its limited processing ability, and that slows life down–a lot. It likes to have all the answers, even though its answers are always based in its knowledge, which itself is based on past learning and experience–so pretty darn limited. Even when you expand into the place of all possibility, it likes to jump in and make a plan that then limits expansion and locks it into a proscribed course of action.

Action and plans have their place–it’s hard to have a satisfying vacation without them, but as a way to live a life, all that planning and action can make you crazy, especially because mind likes to change every few seconds. Decide that you want to marry your boyfriend? A few seconds later the bliss of that passes and mind begins to sing the praises of freedom. Commit to a college major and mind immediately makes the ones you gave up seem soooooo very much better. Make a plan to meet a friend and mind jumps in with all the other things that you should do instead. If you pay too much attention to mind, it cam make you nuts.

What’s the alternative? Living in the question. I’ve been playing with this for a while, too, and stumbled across a technique called Access Consciousness (you really have to search around to find satisfying information on it, otherwise I’d give a link here) that has been playing around with this for much longer than I have. Questions keep us in the realm of possibility, the momentum of expansion, and, if you can stay open to the question, can open you up to the vast creative energy of the universe to provide a solution. And in my experience, those solutions are so much more imaginative and satisfying than the ones that come from the limitation of mind.

What’s the question I woke up with today? “What if life is really so much easier than I am allowing it to be?”

Roll that around in your field of possibility for a while and see how it feels–and see if you can then catch your mind starting to create a plan out of it–it’s fun to watch that process!

If you like that and want to explore some of the Access Consciousness questions, a good place to start is here.

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