Living  & Leading from Your Wild Heart


You are designed to live from the heart, with your brain in a supporting role.

Consider this:

  • In the womb, your heart is formed before the brain, and the cells that eventually become the brain start in the heart and flow up the neural tube to become brain cellsHeart-Above-Head
  • The upward flow continues throughout life, with 90% of the information flowing upward from heart to brain, with just 10% from brain to heart
  • The conscious, thinking mind is your slowest processor, by far
  • The subconscious mind processes millions of times more information than the conscious mind, but it still only knows what it has learned–and most of what it learns is based on emotionally-charged memories encoded before you are 7 years old, based on a rudimentary classification system that divides the world into what is safe and what is unsafe. What is unsafe is encoded much more strongly than what is considered unsafe
  • The Heart can process far more information than even the subconscious mind; its qualities and information are unconditioned, meaning they are not restricted by the learning and limitation of the conditioned subconscious mind

Considering all this, which would you rather have leading your life, your heart or your head?

Most people lead from the head, and tap into the heart only when the mind is BrainLightningoverwhelmed or doesn’t have the answers. Why is this? Because that’s what we learned. It’s a developmental process to learn about the world and encode that knowledge into the brain for easy storage. But we never unlearn that there are other ways of living and experiencing and leading than from the mind. But there is. You can, and were designed to, lead from the heart.


The Challenge


We are all born connected to the heart, but we’re taught to live from the head through situations that condition the subconscious mind to associate emotions, people, situations and concepts with the experience of being safe or unsafe. These associations are made via the emotional, pre-rational brain, and most are in place before the age of seven, much of subconscious-mind-conscious-mind-88-12them before age two.

As you grow, your subconscious mind uses these early interpretations to drive you toward or away from people, ideas, situations, etc. based on this same emotional association or feeling safe or unsafe.

The conscious mind responds to those signals and acts or avoids based on those interpretations.

Much of this happens outside of conscious awareness, and so it feels like you are making thoughtful choices when really you are making choices from the limited menu of what your subconscious mind brings into conscious awareness. In other words, the emotional associations and conditioning of your inner two year old runs the rest of your life…unless and until you become aware of and release those old interpretations and limitations.

The great challenge is that this programming is so deep, so hidden, and feels so much like “you” that it is hard to identify, even when you look for it.


 Who Are You, Really?


Who you think you are–your learned identity–is a product of mind. It is a collection of logolearned habits, patterns, reactions, beliefs and other driving forces operating at the subconscious level that you have come to believe define “you.”

When your heart is the leader of your body-mind system, you have access to its vast processing power and its innate intelligence that is connected to universal intelligence and not the limited intellect and learned information of the mind.


Which “You” Leads Your Life?


When your mind is the leader of your body-mind system, it operates from the limited conditioning of the subconscious mind, because the subconscious only presents possibilities that are in line with what it has labelled as safe on some level.

Who you really are–the authentic, unconditoned “you” beneath the conditioning of your learned identity–is the present moment beingness of heart. Any disconnect or inner division you feel in your system comes from being out of alignment with this authentic core.


When Heart Leads


When your lead from your heart, life shifts from being driven by the fears, anxieties, and feeling of bring driven that dominate the inner subconscious/conscious conflict, to feeling HeartHandssupported, loved and guided–the fruits of aligning with the heart.

When heart leads, life acts as your partner and carries you forward on its momentum rather than you having to work or push for everything or feeling driven by an inner dictator.  Where life may have felt chaotic or haphazard, it starts to feel nourishing, and supports a deep level of healing on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. The more you surrender mind to heart, the more influence your heart will have over your life.

A heart-led life may look similar to a mind-led life–on the outside. The aim isn’t to upend the structures of your life, to get you to change jobs, or partners, or to erase what is working for you. A heart-led life feels very different from a mind-led one, however.

  • Where the mind tries to create certainty through beliefs, control or manipulating external circumstances, the heart is comfortable with the uncertainty of life because it is connected to deeper and more lasting forces than the physical world.
  • Where the mind clings to its ideas about you for a sense of identity, the heart experiences who you are in each moment. The heart knows that just because the mind believes something, that doesn’t make it true, nor does it effect who really you are beneath the ideas of the mind.
  • Where the mind jumps from one idea to another, one thought to another, one judgment to another, the heart is steadier, quieter, and when you lead from the heart, the mind begins to reflect this state with more interior quiet.
  • Where the mind tries to manipulate external conditions to create love or peace or harmony, the heart simply is loving, peaceful, and harmonious regardless of what is happening in the external world–or even your internal world. Your heart is at peace even when your mind is running amok. It’s just that when you identify with a mind running amok, like feel like it running amok; when you identify with your heart, you can have inner stillness and joy, while watching the mind run amok.
  • A heart-led life doesn’t mean that nothing ever goes wrong, or that your mind never runs amok. A heart lead life is when you identify so strongly with the heart that you stay in balance, live from your authenticity, remain at peace, even when life is chaos.


Are You Ready to Say Yes! to Life & Live from Your Wild Heart?


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***Kristine Madera is a Certified Clinical Hypnotist and Hypno-Coach

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