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Remember the Gorilla Video?

Ah, lovely Jelly Bean, are you awakening to the reality that when you focus with your conscious mind, you miss out on the bigger picture of life? The larger solution? The more magnanimous YOU? If you have no idea what I am talking about, review the previous post and follow the Gorilla video instructions.

If this idea is taking hold in you, not to worry, the conscious mind is still much needed in our lives, to steer the ship, so to speak, but it does not need to run the engine room, scrub the floors, staff the kitchen, and such. The conscious mind has a pivotal role, but it needs to allow the rest of the mind, body and spirit to maximize their roles in order to sail a smooth trip?


Experience Is The Key To Integration

So how do you do that when you’ve been taught to power your whole life from the conscious mind? Well, I could write about it ad nauseam, but that would just give the conscious, logical mind one more thing to do. Rather, I’d like to give you an experience of what it is to invite another part of your mind into your perceptual experience. This will seem way too simple (which is a complaint of the conscious mind, which likes to bolster it’s importance by making things hard to figure out—the rest of your system loves the simple and relaxed.)

You may have seen these eye/mind puzzles before and thought that they were just a fun way to pass a few minutes, but they are much, much more. When you are able to bring the 3D images embedded in these puzzles into focus, and hold the image, you are using both sides of your brain in an integrated way. Also, you are using your regular “focus” to see into the far side of the picture, while using your subconscious mind to construct the closer 3D image. When you practice looking at and holding this image, you are doing three things: 1) focusing on an image in a wholistic way, which can help you to focus on things in your life in a more wholistic way; 2) learning how it feels to operate—with awareness—in the so-called subconscious parts of your mind, which will help you see a fuller picture of your life as well as the patterns and thoughts that have been invisible to you; 3) quieting your conscious mind and the thought cycle it keeps you in, so that you can spend more time in the gap between thoughts, which is your gateway to YOU!


Play Time!

All that, by playing with these pictures! How fun is that, Sugar Cookie? You can find more images by searching for “stereographs”, or, because they can be harder to see on a computer, you can get a book of hard copy stereographs. I like the Magic Eye books and can usually find the latest one in the Barnes and Noble bargain book section.

If these are totally new to you, the check out this website to see how to bring the 3D into focus. Then just have fun!

Relax your gaze and try to look "through" the picture rather than at it to see 3D within

Relax your gaze and try to look "though" the picture rather than at it to see 3D within

Relax your gaze and try to look "through" the picture rather than at it to see 3D within

Relax your gaze and try to look "though" the picture rather than at it to see 3D within

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