Hypnosis to Break a Trance?

Doesn’t Hypnosis Put You in a Trance?

As you may know, my other vocation besides writing this blog & the fun things that I plan to come of it is Hypnosis. Yep, I play with people’s trance states. But today, I was the one with my eyes closed on the comfy chair. Just like any profession, you’ve got to be on the receiving end sometimes in order to keep sharp on the giving side. Plus, I’m a little ADD in the business part of my life and I thought I’d take my own advice from yesterday’s post, and SLOW DOWN. As it happens, professional help presented itself to help me out.

The very cool thing about hypnosis is that it gets you out of one trace state and puts you (ideally) into a new trance state that makes your life work better. A trance state is just an unconscious habit or pattern—something that you without thinking, like growling at the dog before you morning caffeine fix, or denying the greatness of You, which if you have been practicing being You, may be getting harder to do, or making you more frantic as that trance starts to shatter and your You glows through. Hypnosis at its best puts the new trance state in place so smoothly that you don’t even realize you have changed, you just do—easy as pie.


What’s my Trance?

The trance that wasn’t working for me was the need for speed when it came to building my businesses—this blog, my hypnosis practice, as well as all the other professional sort of things I’ve done before—and that tendency has never served me well. And yet…well, as you know, deeply ingrained habits and patterns are hard to just break. Most people who know me would classify me as pretty laid back, and I am in most aspects of my life. But this business stuff, it’s just so much fun that I want to race ahead without pausing for breath.


Hypnosis is Slick as Silk

So I went to a friend of mine, who also does hypnosis, and she wiz-banged her version of hypnosis magic and snipped away the elements of the old trance, the part that was deeply connected with me and set into place a new trance of very focused leisureliness while still getting a lot done, which I can already tell is much more Me. Because I know how slick hypnosis is, I am on the lookout for change, and am feeling it already in the flow of my day. She also did this very neat (and effective) hypnosis trick to suggest that each time I saw the color red it would stand out and reinforce me of my new relationship with time. Now I notice red everywhere, and time feels like it slowing down, down, down. This works so much better for my life (and my sleep.)


What’s Your Trance?

So what is it that is so very you that is keeping you from You? Hint: look at the more challenging areas of your life, the places you struggle and that frustrate you. Pick one area in which you could use an updated trance. What would this new state or trance be? Keep working with it until the new state you’re considering feels right to you. Then phrase the trance you want in a How/When sentence that implies that you have achieved this new trance state. Mine, for example, might be, “How did slowing down help me build my business so quickly?” or “When did it become so natural for me to slow down and relax?”


Sound too Easy?

If that sounds too easy, or you want to try some self-hypnosis, then you can visit my website’s free affirmation tutorial and self-hypnosis script page and give that a go.


I’m no longer accepting new clients and recommend you contact the amazing Kevin Peer who also does heart-oriented hypnosis in person and over the phone.

You can find him at Inner Alliance . net

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