I’m Thankful for You!


It’s Thanksgiving, and I wanted to tell you that I am thankful for you. You are a gem, and the world is a richer place because of your presence.

HeartAsFlowerYeah, I know, there are things you feel less than confident about or that you want to change (I do, too!), but that doesn’t change the fact (yes, FACT) that you are a magnificent being simply tweaking yourself to be even more magnificent than you can even imagine.

And I thank you for that, because you make both my world and the world a much more fun, engaging, and pleasurable place to play in.

So I wanted to share this guided meditation with you. It not only ignites the healing power of appreciation, but it streams that healing power through your mind and brain HeartHandsso that appreciation becomes a more natural orientation, with all the abundance, love, connection and joy that appreciation streams into your life.

Oh, and if you want some assistance in tweaking your magnificent being into even greater magnificence—give me a call at 828-699-3356.

Did I tell you that all my sessions are now by Love Offering? Yep, so with that old money excuse off the table, what are you waiting for?

Appreciation Guided Visualization/Meditation

Happy Thanksgiving!

Peace, Kristine

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