Gratitude and Grace

What would you have in your life today if all you had was what you were thankful for yesterday? Your family? Friends? Health? Job? Income? House? Joy? Gratitude is a all the rage as a word and concept these days, but what does it mean to be deeply thankful? It’s more than just a casual thanks said with your mouth and little else. Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotional states that you can have—and its one of the easiest happy & healthy states to create. Gratitude, when deeply felt, basks your body in healthy, healing hormones that is it’s own reward. But the state of being grateful also pulls you deeply into the present moment, into the mystery of life, into healthy humility, reverence and awe. Because of this matrix of emotion within gratitude, it forms a foundation of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health, and is the gateway to grace. It is also the seat of true power, which I’ll elaborate on soon.

In the meantime, I continue to be grateful for, among many other things, friends like “Lily” not her true name, who whirl me on to other paths in the pursuit of life and truth. Read more in my latest WNC Woman article, Artsy-Smartsy.

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