Declare Independence from Stress!


Do You:

  • Wake up in the morning tired because your sleep didn’t regenerate you?
  • Use caffeine, energy drinks, sugar or other substances to give you energy?
  • Feel overwhelmed or that life is too hard or out of control?
  • Feel either tired or keyed up most of the time?
  • Have trouble sleeping at night because you can’t relax your mind?

If so, you probably have more stress than your body can repair on a daily basis.

But that’s just life, right? Isn’t everyone under stress?

It’s true that stress overload has become part of modern life, and with it has come a steep stuck stressed frustrated from living an inauthentic liferise in stress-related illnesses like heart disease–the #1 killer of both women and men. In fact, stress is a contributor to most illnesses, including diabetes, digestive problems, even cancer.

A certain amount of stress is healthy–it gets you out of bed in the morning, gives you an energy boost to deal with life’s challenges, and gives you a surge of power to get you through a crisis. Stress is healthy when you have a few short-term stress-hormone boosts with a lot of time in between for you body to repair and regenerate.

But modern life had flipped this–with long surges of high and moderate stress with just short stretches of relaxation that don’t give your body the resources it needs to repair the damage from a high-stress life. Over time, this constant deficit leads to stress-related illness, insomnia, emotional eating, and other manifestations of stress.

It doesn’t have to be this way…


Declare Independence from Stress Today!


This free Declare Independence from Stress recording can help you reverse your regeneration deficit in three ways:

  1. Simply taking time each day to relax deeply with this recording can take you out of stress and into regeneration–you can think of it like a daily vitamin to reverse stress.

    How to releive stress

    How to relieve stress

  2. The long, slow, deep inhales and slow relaxed exhales used in this 20-minute recording are your body’s built in code for relaxation and regeneration. You can also use them anytime you notice that you are in stress and the act like a switch to flip you from stress into relaxation and regeneration.
  3. Deeply-felt appreciation and gratitude are a balm to the body and an amazing stress buster. The recording leads you through an appreciation process and gives you a few minutes to cultivate even deeper appreciation for those things you are thankful for. This releases powerful healing hormones to regenerate your body and being.

So what are you waiting for?

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