What Are You Focusing On? And How’s That Working For You?

Yes, I know you have probably seen this fun video before–or another version of it. But watch it again, and follow the directions to remind yourself how powerful focus can be. Then follow the directions below the video :>)

Okay, if you didn’t see the gorilla, then watch it again and look just for the gorilla. Then watch it again, soften your focus and watch the whole scene. Did you notice the ball passing and the gorilla?

Play of the Day! Relax for a few minutes and think of the thing that you most focus on in your life–it might be a relationship, an aspect of your work, or your health or bringing in more money. Whatever, It doesn’t matter. Then, step back a bit in your mind, to see a larger picture. What are you missing in the BIG PICTURE of that issue and your life that you haven’t been seeing by focusing so narrowly on that thing?

Interesting, huh?

So, then enfold that big picture into into your focus, and see yourself, your life and maybe even YOU in a much more expansive view!


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