Flames of the Heart

Among other things, I am an energy sponge. I came to the office this morning after teaching a yoga class and all of a sudden I just felt so, so sad—which is really not like me. I have a pretty contented internal set point, and while the normal range spans melancholy to bliss, this level of sadness, especially instant sadness without any clear cause, was unusual. It was also potentially problematic as I have a client coming in an hour and I like to be as clear as I can when working with people. I even called my husband to be sure that he was okay. He was fine and reminded me about the “white flame burn-off” that can help clear the air when someone else’s emotional fangs sink into you. Let me be clear, no one here intentionally directed anything at me, or dumped their sadness on me in conversation, but emotional energy is primary to the human experience; in fact, it is the “vibe” we put out that constitutes most of our “non-verbal” communication—which itself constitutes 93% of our communication with people. Each of us puts out vibes, and each of us is affected by the vibes around us, even if we think that we are not. If in doubt, if you see me sometime, or come as a client, I can give you a demo that will make this abundantly clear.

In any case, what this means is that sometime when there is strong emotional feeling around like anger or sadness or even joy, it can influence your own feelings—without you even knowing how or why. Because most people like reasons for things (like feelings), we begin to create stories about why those feelings came about. I called my husband to be sure that there was nothing affecting him that might in turn affect me, but I could have easily began a story like “there must be something bothering me, I wonder if it is ________,” and then create some scenario around that thing that then reinforces and perpetuates the sadness. Then the sadness that didn’t even feel like mine to start with can become some big blown up, made up thing. Has this ever happened to you? My bet it that it has, though you might not be aware of what it was.

So, the White Flame Burn-Off, which did the trick today (along with a few pieces of dark chocolate), is a mental & emotional visualization to dissipate excess emotional energy and clear the air. To do this, close your eyes and imagine yourself enveloped by a white flame that burns off any jittery or negative energy—especially energy that is not yours (but even yours if you are overcome by anger or something that you cannot otherwise seem to work through.) Feel the energy burning away, and once you feel it burning away from your body and energy, then expand the flame to include the room, building, etc. that you are in, as well as the people around you. You can spread it out to a whole city if you like, or even more (I often do the whole world, but you need to allow time to increase the flame that big, so just your immediate surroundings is fine, including the people around you.) Then once it’s feeling pretty good, then, on an exhale, imagine the flame turning into a pink fog—pink being representative of the heart and of love. You may need to do this a few times go really get the feeling to dissolve, but I’ve seen it and heard stories about it working miracles.


The key is to remember that this is primarily an emotional exercise that uses the mind to direct the visualization, rather than a series of mental pictures, disconnected from the emotions and the heart. And of course, dark chocolate always helps the process. Let me know how it works for you!


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