Fixed or Flow: Pick Your Quantum Experience!

Fixed Positions or Flowing Energy?

I’ve started The Dancing Wu Li Masters, and no, it is not a yarn about a group of giddy Tai Chi instructors. It’s a (not so new) book about quantum mechanics by Gary Zukav, a modern day mystic. The book is old enough to miss many of the most recent discoveries in the quantum world, but it said something I already knew in a way that sparked a fresh awareness.

Everything Comes Down To Choice

All experience on the quantum level comes down to a choice between being a particle with a fixed, definable location, and being a wave with a probably trajectory. Who gets to choose? You do, as the prime observer in your life. Now here’s the awareness that may be totally off scientifically, but it is just too much fun not to play with, and I feel it can be instructive from an experiential perspective. And if you haven’t figured it out yet, I am all about the experiential perspective.


Which Do You Choose?

When you choose the experience of the particle, the definable position with a fixed location, what you are actually choosing as an experience is resistance, stability, the illusion of certainty. Being fixed, as much as it might seem comfortable and controllable, is out of alignment with an ever-expanding universe. For brief times, like for a little space to catch your breath, this is not a problem, but the longer you resist Life to stay in a fixed position, the bigger the distance becomes between the fixed you and the bursting blossom of probability that you (and YOU) can be.


Why Fixed Doesn’t Fix What You Want It To Fix

This fixed position may help explain why control is such an effective braking system on life, on relationships and on success. When you are “in control” you try to keep everything and everyone in a fixed position. Ever tried that for any length of time? Never works, which I am sure you already know if you have ever had a teenager or a cat. Being fixed isn’t wrong, I’m not making a moral judgment here, it simply does not work as a way to stabilize your world, which is generally why people choose a fixed position. Nothing will make the inherent uncertainty of life and the universe certain. Nothing. That’s why you benefit from expanding as much as you are willing into YOU. Your YOU is not only comfortable with uncertainty, it requires it to thrive.


Surfing the Wave

When you choose the experience of flow, or of riding the quantum wave, you choose uncertainty (because the flow of a wave can only be given as a probability, not an absolute trajectory), but you also choose movement and flow. A moving wave has a greater ability to adapt and change in response to the environment around it, to avoid, to shift a bit, or to plunge into the heart of whatever is going on.

The more you choose this wavelike experience, yes the more uncertainty will infuse your life, but the upside of uncertainty is spontaneity, openness, and much greater potential of fun and interesting opportunities than you would get if you held the fixed position. The upside of choosing to ride the quantum wave is that you are choosing YOU.



So how does that help you live in the physical world? Well, play with this tool each day/night for two weeks and let me know how it works for you. I’ve just started with it and already it seems to be unlocking some fixed points for me. Imagine the various parts of your life: home, work, relationships, and such, and with each part, imagine breathing into the fixed points you have there and as you exhale see or imagine them shifting to waves and into flow. Do this for at least three breaths for each part of your life. You can do this with each significant relationship you have, too. Or, when you notice that you are contracting around an idea or a person, you know you have fixed points there as well, so do it then. Let me know how it works for you!

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