Getting Into the Heart of YOU!

You are Easy to Read—If you Take the Time to Practice

Okay, my lovely muffin tops (and I mean those yummy bakery muffins, not the muffin tops that stick out the top of your oh-too-tight jeans) for the next few days were going to get into the heart of this YOU business. I assume (and don’t make an ass of me, okay?) that you have been practicing YOU and so you have a sense of what YOU feels like. No idea what I’m talking about, CLICK HERE FOR THE CHEAT SHEET. Once you have YOU nailed, or at least have a sense of what I’ve been blathering on about for the last few weeks, then it is time to put YOU to work for you.


Your YOU is Here to Assist you, Really!

See, the thing about you is that you’ve been taught to live in your head, to believe that logical, rational thinking is the best way to address a question or solve a problem. But your head is always missing the totality of information (it’s just not built to hold that much data at one time) and since logical, rational thinking is largely a measured assessment of available information, it can never have the all the info it needs to make the best decision for you. Have you ever made a really logical decision that turned out to be exactly the wrong thing to do? Thought so! Me, too, by the way, plenty of times. So it’s a good thing that you have a built in failsafe to keep your rational mind from running your life off the rails.


Sensation is YOU Screaming Out to you

I bet when you made that decision, though, there was part of you that was waving a red flag, trying to get your attention with a squirrelly feeling in your stomach or a lump in your throat, or a wave of dizziness or some other body sensation or feeling. That’s the signal that we finally tap into in that 20/20 hindsight—you know, when you finally get that you knew all along that investing with Madoff was a stupid thing to do (even though it just made so much logical sense, that stellar track record and all!) Your YOU can talk to you in a lot of other ways, as well—intuition, insight, those aha moments—but body sensation or feeling is your constant companion, and when it revs up, that’s your YOU waving a big red flag to get your attention (generally—there is a second reason for body sensation that I yammer on about tomorrow.) And if you value you (and YOU) and your life, you’ll begin to slow down and pay attention.


Playing with Feeling, Sensation and YOU

But for today, to avoid confusion, we’re just going to play with this one trick—feeling out what is your YOU’s yes and no, green light and red light, so that you can begin to take YOU out for a road test and see what YOU can do for you.


Get in the Present Moment

First, you want to be in the present, because YOU is always in the present—there is other place YOU can be—actually, you cannot be anywhere other than present, either, but your MIND can—and mostly does—reliving (and often rewriting) the past and dwelling or planning or fretting about the future. TRICK to being in the present: Take three long, slow, deep breaths (preferably, unless you are driving or have your hand in the blender) with you eyes closed, then change your body position—your arms, legs, torso or whatever.


Tap Into Harmony

Then call to mind a time when you were really on your game, in harmony, a time when things were going really well—how does that FEEL in your body? For me, I often feel a billowing quietness and a light pull in my heart area forward as if the harmony was drawing me in. Notice as much as you can about this. This is your YOU letting you know that this is good for you—it’s your Yes, or your Green Light. Once you have this…


Acknowledge that “STOP” that you’ve Ignored All These Years

Okay, now it gets really interesting. Get back into the present with those three breaths. Then call to mind a time when things weren’t going well, when you knew that something you were doing just wasn’t right for you. What does that feel like in the body? This is your YOU’s way of saying No, Stop, Re-Evaluate. And this is the feeling you have been taught to ignore so that you can be a rational, logical being—um, and how has that worked out so far?!?!?!?

Keep going back and forth with these two broad sensations to really get how they feel for you. Oh, and anytime you get out of the present, feel indecision (the mind is a master at getting you to doubt its body-sensation nemesis) use the three breaths and get back to the present.

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