Controlling Surrender…Yeah, Right!

Yikes! Control!

Hi my lovely. Did you choke on your morning joe at the world control? Or, like me, do you slip quietly around a corner, whistling a happy tune, and chanting in my head, “control? Not me, no way…” Yes way, for me anyway, and probably for you, too. Control, like resistance, can be so very subtle that it is hard to see in yourself, in part because it’s so ingrained and so built in by living in this control-based society. Think it’s not? Think again, Sunshine, we structure all of society—education, work, money, retirement—as a way to ensure a certain, predictable, safe life. But all it takes is one Hurricane Sandy, or a stock market crash, or a shift away from your specialty as a carriage designer to the technology of cars to send that safe certainty spinning out of control. Which is, precisely, what life really is—beyond your control. Yet, we use so much energy trying to maintain that illusion of control, do we not?


A Template For Losing Control

Control… Oh, this is an insidious one. I have been playing with this one a lot lately. Not so much control over other people or even the flow of life but letting go of control of the conscious mind to do things like sleep, slip into a really great daydream or into the deepest layers of awareness in meditation. Part of the problem is that as a society we have trained the mind to be ever-vigilant, to be the answer for every problem, to be the only tool in the toolbox. But the over-control of the conscious mind just gets in the way of critical things like sleep. Ever had that experience? The mind just won’t stop focusing on a problem or fears or whatnot, and surrendering into sleep becomes nearly impossible. But you know what surrendering that control in order to sleep feels like, right?, that shift from having control over your thoughts to having no control over your thoughts and then no thoughts altogether and then the bliss of sleep? Watching this process is a great way to play with control, to cede your conscious control over your thoughts, then watch the uncontrolled thoughts then watching thoughts slip away altogether. This is a template for you to learn to let go of control, if you can observe this with the inner observer rather than with the conscious mind, which will just keep you up for hours.


Play Time!

In trying to find a different avenue of focus that gets me out of the conscious mind, I’ve re-stumbled across stereographs, which are those 3D pictures so popular about 15 years ago. They require you to relax your gaze and engage your whole brain in order to see the 3D image. See of you can notice how it feels different in your brain, mind and experience to focus on the picture as it appears on the surface, and to see into it to the 3D. For me, it is a whole different mind/brain experience and I have been playing to look at all things from that whole brain perspective (without the weird focus tricks to see the 3D.) It’s really changed the quality of my head space—more interesting solution to questions that come up, less mind chatter and a lot less attempt on my conscious mind’s part to control. Hard to explain really—those pesky, limiting words! But try it with the pictures below to see how it works for you. (If you’ve never done stereographs or forgot how to “see” them, check out the explanation on this WEBSITE.)

Relax your gaze and try to look "though" the picture rather than at it to see 3D within

Relax your gaze and try to look "though" the picture rather than at it to see 3D within

Relax your gaze and try to look "though" the picture rather than at it to see 3D within

Relax your gaze and try to look "though" the picture rather than at it to see 3D within

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