Then What am I, a Zombie?

You Can’t be a Conscious Zombie

Okay, so someone asked me recently, if I let go of all my Somebodiness, then won’t I be a zombie or a cyborg or something? I can see how you might think that, since everyone is so vested in getting you to take on their label or buy their product or buy into their idea. No one talks about what it would be like to be label-less, to divest from the zillion screens that make up your precious identity. So, what would you have if you did that?


Pure Consciousness

Well, you’d have a lot of space with all that clutter you cleared out. But the big prize there is that you would be operating from pure consciousness, where you would be free to respond to any way that You wanted to, free to be whatever suited the moment. And you would be really experiencing the moment, because all those filters of identity—opinions, judgments, beliefs and the like—just stand between you and the fullness of the moment, prodding you to assess the moment, or reflect on the moment or be self-aware of the moment, or, when you are really deep in you, to react to the moment from some programming hidden in the small print of your mind.

In identity, there is you and there is the moment and you are always in relationship to it. The times in which that relationship has dissolved into pure awarensss, pure experience, with no mind chatter, that is when you spontaneously slip into You, into pure consciousness.

In pure consciousness, you are the moment, you are the experience. It’s like the experience is having you rather then you having the experience. It’s so large that nothing else that can be there with you. This is You. If you’ve been practicing You and experiencing you, you may already have experienced that clinging to identity is just a mind-trick to keep you small enough for the mind to control of your experience.


The Limitations of Mind

The conscious mind is not very large or powerful compared to other parts of you and You, and so it likes labels and categories, judgments and absolutes because it keeps mind the central focus of your experience by keeping the experience small enough so that you process it through your mind’s filter system rather than just being the experience and letting it flow though you like you allow electrical waves to flow through you without resistance, or radio waves or all the other waves that pulse through you without filters.

Oh, did I mention, I love my mind? I really do. None of this is to dismiss the importance of mind. It’s brilliant at things like Sudoku and planning a vacation, but it the whole point of mind is to focus experience into bite-sized pieces. You are limitless; and You cannot be experienced in a bite-sized life. Your you has been spoon-fed the fiction that mind is You, but it’s not. You are You, and buying into the idea that mind is You, is a big burning roadblock on the highway from you and You.

You cannot get to You through the mind. You just can’t.


The Experience of Pure Being

Hard truth: if you are reading this for Information and not participating in the experiential bits, you will not get far along this road. Knowledge of this stuff may seem like ecstasy for the mind but that is a little mind trick to keep you contained. You, with a capital Y, are experience, not knowledge, and so to be You, you need to step away from studying ABOUT You and the many routes to You and practice BEING You. You need to be You. I need you to be YOU, because I want more playmates on this playground. I want You there with me.

All this yammering on I’m doing is to give you an experiential playground, like a Montessori program to get you to You; a practical application of the mystical life so that you can really live as who You really are, instead of the smallness you have been taught to be. If you won’t play that experiential game, then I hope you enjoy being you because you are going to be there for a while.


Only You Can Know What it is Like To Experience You

Everyone experiences their You uniquely. So I can’t actually give you a step by step on how to get to you. But I can give you lots of ways to play with your You so that you can feel it out for yourself. If you can really get how it feels—to you—when you are you and when you are You, and what it’s like when you are letting Life pulse through and when you are shutting it down, and if you can start to be You enough of the time that you KNOW on every level of being that something is missing when you slip back into you, then we can really play. And when we go on to the more complex aspects of this, you will cruise right through. But you got to get the basics, first. There’s no point in throwing you into the deep end of the ocean if you haven’t bothered to learn how to swim.

Today’s practice… get out a piece of paper and write down “I am _______” and in that blank spot write at least 25 things that you are—the greatness of you, too, not just the icky bits. Then, imagine a whiteboard in your mind, and on that board, one by one, write out those sentences, and then erase everything after “am.” Do that one by one for all 25. Then just sit with the words “I am.” Just be with that in the expanse of your being for at least 5 minutes.

Kind of blows your mind, huh? Pure experience does that :>)

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