What About Everyone Else?

All This YOU and you, and ME and me–What About Everyone Else?

I got to thinking (dangerous thing, that mind) and it seemed as if all this talk about You and you and ME and me, that I might be promoting a kind of myopia, so that you are so focused on expanding into YOU and you that you might miss what is going on around you. It’s well documented that what do not pay attention to, you do not see. Yes, even you, my lovely.

So I wanted to remind you from time to time that for as important and compelling that it is to pursue the deliciousness of YOU, that you and I both live in a world in which we are interconnected with others. Actually, being YOU makes you more observant, more connected, more engaged in what and who is around you. But until then, it’s easy to get lost in absorbing yourself in you and YOU.

Here’s a TED talk by Daniel Goleman (who wrote Emotional Intelligence) on Compassion, and how a simple shift in focus can make all the difference in the world. Enjoy! Send this to your friends and Subscribe Below!

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