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What Is Your Big Dream?


Twisted With JoyEveryone has a Big Dream. Your Wild Heart inspires your Big Dream to expand you into the person you want to be and to create a life that sets your Wild Heart Free. Your Big Dream can encompass a number of areas of your life—health, career/business, relationship, travel, money, and so on. Everyone has a Big Dream—what’s yours?

You know what else everyone has? Resistance


Why You Should Thank Resistance


Yes, you read that right—you should thank resistance.Live an authentic life

Resistance shows you where your Wild Heart is inspiring you to grow. It is a nudge from your Wild Heart to break through an old, learned story that no longer serves you and that keeps you from creating the life you want to live.

Not only that, but breaking through resistance awakens the exact awareness, capacity and allowing you need to take the next big leap in your Big Dream.

Big Dreams like:

  • Having the wildly successful business you deserve
  • Charging your clients your true value and not playing small to fit into someone else’s budget
  • Being your true self in your relationships and breaking free from old relationship ruts
  • Positively traversing a life transition like divorce, retirement, career change, relationship shifts, college to career, empty nest, illness and even end of life
  • Stepping into optimal health, weight and well-being
  • Living free from anxiety

Resistance Is A Gift, Even When It Feels Like A Curse


Resistance is simply congested energy that you experience as fear, self-doubt, anxiety and other paralyzing emotions. Most of these have been stored inside you so long that they become part of an inner story of why you can’t get the things you want in life with joy and ease.

wild-hearts-cant-be-brokenYou tell yourself these stories deep in your mind until something inside inspires you to break through to a bigger dream than the one you’ve been living.

And then you meet resistance. It feels like frustration, fear, anger, anxiety and many other challenging emotions. It can feel paralyzing! But it’s just the edges of the box you have been keeping yourself in that your Big Dream wants to break you out of. It is the old story you have been telling yourself that your Big Dream wants to rewrite.

It can feel like an Everest-climbing challenge, but once you break through it, resistance opens a flow of energy that becomes the very thing you need to propel you toward to your Big Dream.

That’s right, resistance you release becomes the power, insight and inspiration you need to make the next big leap toward your Big Dream. Really!

Resistance is your ally! (Once you learn to release it that is)

And it’s easier than you think to dissolve resistance!


Break Through to Your Big Dream Breakthrough Session


A Break Through to Your Big Dream Breakthrough Session:

  • Dissolves the resistance that stands in your way (and teaches you how to do this so you can continue breaking through!)
  • Changes the story you’ve used to limit yourself into one that speeds you toward your Big Dream
  • Awakens the awareness, abilities and inner power you need to take the next big leap toward your Big Dream
  • Includes a personalized recorded guided meditation that continues to dissolve resistance and expand you into your Big Dream.

A Break Through to Your Big Dream Breakthrough Session can help you live from the inspiration of your adventurous, expansive, powerful self and create the Big Dream you deserve!


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