Blocks to Surrender

Surrender, Again?

There seems to be a theme going on, doesn’t it Luscious One? Surrender, there is power in this word that so many resist in the misconception that surrender is a weakness. There may be another word that is more applicable to an expansive life than surrender, but words are so limiting—have you ever noticed that? If you doubt, Sweet One, take a few moments to take in a sunset or some other large moment, not with your mind chattering away during your experience of it, but allowing yourself to sink into the awesomeness of it, to really experience that sunset. Then try to use words to explain it to someone. Can’t can you? At least not so that they really get what your experience was. Words are great for what they are great for, but just like the conscious mind, they aren’t great for everything. But I digress…


Surrender to Surrender

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, and doing the suggested exercises, then you may be having a few surrendering experiences of your own. Why? Because that’s the way Life works, Angel. What you begin to pay attention to begins to show up in your life. So if you have been sinking into the various kinds of surrender we’ve pondered, you may find that opportunities to explore it are coming to you. If so, great, I’d love to hear about them, what you do with the, how they impact you. Not your experience? Well now, there may be a few reasons why, so we’ll explore this for a bit.

The idea of surrender may still be giving your some heart palpitations, but your YOU is gearing you up for it, believe me. Life works like that, so you may as well read on so when Life brings you your big moment, you have a sense of what is going on…


Block to Surrender #1: Cluelessness

Being clueless as to what surrender even is. You may think this defines you, my Lovely Lemon Drop, but if you have gotten this far in this blog, even if you are just reading the titles, then surrender is seeping into your cells. But let’s pretend that you are new to all this, why would being clueless be a block to surrender?


What’s Not On Your Radar Of Possibility, You Simply Don’t See

When I was in the Peace Corps in Papua New Guinea and ended up in the rainforest, all I really saw was the different ways that I could die, mostly by things like the deadly snakes I imagined were lurking under leaves and in the trees waiting for a scaredy like me to snack on. The locals clucked their tongues at this kind of silliness. What they saw were amazing food supplies, avenues to water, wood sources for bows and arrows and any number of other helpful things. Why? Because when they went into the rainforest, that’s what they went in looking for, and they found it.

Whether it is a forest snack or the goodness of life, you see what is familiar to you, what you expect to see. When tall ships first sailed to the New World, the native people didn’t see them, not out of collective blindness, but because they had no perceptual framework for the ships and so their minds screened the ships out.

Things that are not on your radar in some way are very unlikely to show up in your life unless your YOU has a reason to deposit them there (probably to get your attention–like reading this blog.) When was the last time you thought about how cement is made? And yet you are probably surrounded by it during at least part of your day. When was the last time you thought about energy waves? Chances are, not, right? But waves form your whole experience of light, not to mention your experience of radio. The point is that you are surrounded by things that you screen out or choose not to see or pay attention to.

When an opportunity to surrender comes to you and you have no context or predisposition for surrender, it often results in an experience of extreme tension, as you contract your being, your mind, your muscles (as well as your breathing!) in an attempt to resist what Life is calling you to let go of, to allow, to bring you into a fuller experience, to bring you into YOU. Ever had that happen to you, one of those outrageously tension-filled moments? If so, can you see that you might have had a different response if you had a context for surrender, which could have infused the experience with a potential for expansion, had you just let go. Instead, most people just tense up, fighting the situation, slapping up makeshift inner walls to protect the vulnerable parts of themselves. Never works in the long run though, does it?

I know, I know, Sweet One, surrender is such a hard pill to swallow (though if you just surrendered, and relaxed, any pill would be easier to swallow) but surrender is where Life is calling you. To surrender what isn’t working in your life, to surrender the things that identify you or define you as something that you are not, to surrender you so that you can plunge into the experience of YOU.

It can seem like you are being called to surrender in strange ways, like when tension builds as your boss or you partner sucks all the air from the room, raking you over the coals for leaving something undone. Seems more like the prelude to a fight than an opportunity to surrender, right? But what would happen if you just let go of that resistance of what they were saying, and let the energy of whatever you are fighting flow through you.

This doesn’t mean that you have to agree with them. They don’t have to even know what’s going on. Surrender isn’t some white-flag waving, on-stage drama, it is an internal energy expansion system. Surrender expands you; resistance keeps you divided. Simple

And now, Sugar, whether you are new to this or not, you have no credible way to claim cluelessness as an avoidance of surrender. In fact, why don’t you just swagger right into a memory of some time that you were in one of those way-tense scenarios. Build it up in your system so that you can feel the tense vibe pulsing through you, and then just let go of your resistance, let that vibe joyride through you. I know it feels weird, but allowing it, my Beautiful Friend, to flow to you and through you will dissolve resistance and expand your inner galaxy. Feels a little bouncy when it’s all said and done, doesn’t it? Well then, do it again, you energy cowboy you, practice surrender so that when Life brings an opportunity to you in real time, you’re all prepped to go.

Your auto reaction may still be to resist, but resistance will only prompt your YOU to play harder to get your attention, in case you haven’t already noticed how that works. We’ll talk more about resistance next time. Until then, keep practicing, and choose five people you want in you expansion posse. The path of intentional expansion when you are surrounded by dedicated members of Bizarro World can be pretty lonely, cause you to doubt yourself and your experience, and can create dissonance in your world.

I’m very lucky that over the years (especially the recent years), I’ve developed a tribe of folks who are fully committed to their own version of this path to YOU. Having that support makes all the difference, believe me. Now, I love having you in my blog tribe (and some of you are in my local tribe, too) but a lot of you are scattered far and wide and so I’d really, truly suggest that you find five friends, or even one, and share this and other posts as a way to start building a tribe around you. Connect with them, chat, share, support, love, surrender to whatever Life is calling you and your tribe to be and do.

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You can find him at Inner Alliance . net

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