Ask and You Shall Receive–A Shark’s Tooth

I love the idea of “ask and you shall receive” despite all the caveats–be specific but not too specific, be open ended but not wishy-washy, be clear on what you want but give spirit enough latitude to work things out…the list can go on and on, and on. But it’s always a good reminder that whatever it is that you ask for, to keep your eyes open for what comes, because what comes, all too often, looks very different than what you envisioned you were asking for.

A friend recently told me that she was using the “ask and you shall receive” method for getting a good, solid relationship. She wrote out her list of the qualities and such that she wanted and wallah, in strode what has worked out to be a fabulous long-term, committed relationship, but with a woman, when she had assumed (but had not stated) it be with a man. Similarly, I used that method, but neglected to be firm about an age range, and ended up marrying a sweet man 31 years older than me–over 16 years ago now.

So what does this have to do with shark’s teeth? Well, the idea that you need to be open to your requests being answered in a way that is different than you planned for. I am at the beach (yea!!!) and the thing I love to do at the beach more than anything else is to walk along the shoreline. Since I’ve taken home bags and bag of shells over the years, I thought I’d rein myself in a bit this time and decided to only look for sharks teeth and sand dollars, but I was particularly interested in the sharks teeth and so asked to find one. Of course I was envisioning some brilliant white mega triangle straight out of Jaws, and was thus so distracted by all the white beach shells broken into triangles that I nearly missed the fairly small (not quite an inch long) black fossilized sharks tooth that sat serenely in my pathway, waiting just for me.

As I picked it up and determined that is was in fact a real sharks tooth, complete with serrated edges, I was reminded of all the things that I had asked for that have come, though almost never exactly the way I had imagined. And isn’t life more fun that way, allowing the humor and the inventiveness of the universe to flow forth. I think so anyway. Now, excuse me while I go and admire my baby shark’s tooth.

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