A Shortcut to YOU

Love Those Shortcuts!

I’m totally into shortcuts when it comes to skipping ahead on the path to You. I know some people who are really into “working” on themselves, and savor every little micro-shift in their personality, taking ages to make space for the tiniest inner movement. They’re the same people who have a 20-year-old bottle of wine on the shelf because it’s taken them that long to drink it. Well, that’s great for them, but there is a reason that I became a hypnotist and not a psychiatrist—which was my career track coming out of high school. I wanted to help people make great life changes, you know? And psychiatry with its focus on the funhouse of the mind seemed perfect, until a practicing psychiatrist told me that he often worked with a person for five or more years. That’s when I said, “Whoa, Nelly. That’s not going to work for me.”

So instead I spend 20 plus years figuring out how all this quick change-stuff worked so I could bring it to you, so you could hoof it to You on the hurry up. Why would I want you to do that? Because You are a lot more fun than you, and so it stands to reason that a world with more You’s playing around would be much more fun and probably much more functional than with all these reactionary you’s running the show.

Appreciate Your Way to YOU

On to appreciation, which is a fast tract to You. Why? Because when you are in appreciation, you dissolve into the yumminess of being connected to a network way larger than yourself, and when you do that, your You rises to the surface and you can experience You in every pulsing vein in your body, in each cell and spinning atom. In fact, in appreciation, if you can really crank it up, your whole physiology changes, and you start operating out of your well-being center (otherwise known as your parasympathetic nervous system, but that gets cumbersome and there is that word “pathetic” nested in there, so I just call it your well-being center, which is self-explanatory.)

Try it now. Call to mind something that you really appreciate. It could be a person, a situation, something from the past or present, whatever, just something that you appreciate. Let yourself sink into the experience of appreciating that thing. Keep calling to mind things that you appreciate or are grateful for until you feel a shift in your body, where you can rest in the emotional yumminess and the clutter in your mind falls away. This is the shift from you to You.

Easy, huh? So when you want to practice being you, simply find things to appreciate and allow yourself to nestle in the good feeling of You. The great part is that you can do this anytime—there is always something to appreciate, even if it is just being alive in that moment. And the more you practice this, like with all these avenues to practicing You, the more You you will be in each moment.

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