How Amway Saved My Life

Amway? Really? Yep…Saved My Life!

No joke in the title, my sweet Nothing friends (if that made you gasp, see here.) When I was young, I really didn’t get the world, and it felt like a way-too-big, way-too-lonely place. I didn’t get why anyone would want to be in it or what I was supposed to do here. It just felt like one big wily trap with no graceful way out. And then my parents started to sell Amway. They came home with all these tapes from guys like Skip Ross and Zig Ziglar. Somehow I got my hands on a tape player and started listening. The rah-rah business parts I fast-forwarded though to get to the bits that really juiced me—when they talked about the subconscious mind and all the amazing and interesting things you could do with it to change yourself and your world.

Amway and the Subconscious Mind?

I was, and remain, hooked on the vast funhouse of the subconscious terrain. What those tapes instilled in my 11 year old (and older—I listened for years) mind was that what went on in my everyday conscious mind was not the limits of my experience—it didn’t even scratch the surface of who I am. And thank God for that, because even then I knew that the conscious mind part of me was confining, a way-too-small fit in a world with exciting things like Bedouin trading caravans and astronauts, and the idea that things like walls are ultimately mental constructs because nothing, at its core, is really solid or even real. That last one just blew my little mind away. Everything was malleable, they said, if only you could shift the constructs of your mind. Sign me up for that adventure, was all that I could think, and making friends with my subconscious mind seemed the best way to go about getting it. Then, a couple of decades later, something else clicked in that I had known forever.

What I learned, distilled down to a single concept all these years later, is that you are a collection of ideas, beliefs, judgments and limitations dressed up in a package complex package called an identity that is a creation of both the conscious and subconscious minds. That identity changes over time, as you grow, learn, try new things, discard old things. Identity is malleable, and some people’s more than others for a variety of reasons.


The You that Doesn’t Change

But there is a part of you—your You, that has always been present and doesn’t really change. I can’t even recall how I came came to remember Me, it was just like waking up one day and all of a sudden Me was there, saying, “hello, remember Me?” and the weird thing was, I did, I just never knew what this Me was. Think about it. Hasn’t there always been a You in there peering out since you were old enough to peer, that has remained a constant regardless of how much you have shined up (or dulled down) your identity?

The discovery in those tapes that I was not my conscious, surface experience, saved my life from being the tedious chore I had thought it was. But discovering that Me at the core of me changed my life totally. It will change yours, too. Pinkie promise.


Reconnect to You

But first you have to reconnect with You. So here’s another way to play that game. Imagine walking backward through your consciousness from your surface mind—your conscious mind, back into your subconscious mind, which is like your personal assistant who rifles through all the information coming in and sends what’s important to pay attention to, to the surface mind. Behind that is what is called the observer, and that part of you watches, and guides in a self-reflective way, the currents of your day and your life. Behind that, if you can walk backward that far in a single shot, is a very quiet, but enormous presence that stays in the background unless you invite it onto the stage of your life. That’s your You.

Try it, walk backward, and see if you can sense that You that has always been there—before you were even born. If you can sense it, or even if you can’t, if you’re game, invite it onto the stage of your life. Your life will never be the same. Pinkie promise.

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