“Fellow Vets ~ Alpha-Shifting “brain” therapy has empowered me to regulate my own nerve-state, Now I can experience stress (and “triggering” events and emotions) and control my reactions. I am easily able to use Kristine’s techniques to still my beating heart and remain respectful and connected to people, even when my fear screams to act out. You can do it!” ~SLM


**Alpha Shifting for Helios Veterans**

Use Your Breath and Brain Waves to Bust Stress, Manage Emotions and Bolster Health & Well-Being


Are you tired of stress, and the drain it has on your life—stealing your energy, taxing your stress-in-the-militaryhealth, interfering with your sleep and your relationships?

Stress may be an unavoidable part of modern life, but how you respond to stress is under your control. The way you respond to stress makes the difference between whether you control stress or stress controls you.

If so, this three-class series will teach you how to use your breath and your brainwaves to reduce stress and manage emotions, which can improve your health, your relationships, and your life.


“I highly recommend Kristine Madera’s Alpha-Shifting series. I found her engaging class offerings simple to put into practice and felt their immediate effects. Between classes one and two I was able to notice and shift postural and breathing habits. Between classes two and three I was sleeping better and not holding chronic tension between my shoulder blades. I also feel less hurried. I feel that in three short hours I was given tools to help me the rest of my life. I am very grateful.” ~DB


 The Classes


Class One: Stress, Body and Breath. Learn how your stress system works and how to use the breath to move from stress to relaxation, and how that single shift has a huge impact on your health. Learn a key breath style that few stress-relief programs teach that brings your whole body into a state of harmony that not only relieves stress, but actively improves health and well-being.


Class Two: Emotions & Stress. Learn how emotions relate to your stress system and how to identify when you are in a stress state—even if you don’t feel stressed—and what to do to shift into real relaxation. Plus, learn how to use emotions to bring your brain waves from a stressed state into a relaxed alpha state, even if you are in a stressful situation.


Class Three: Alpha Shifting to Manage Emotions: Learn how to experience challenging emotions like anger or fear without reacting, repressing or shutting down. Experience how to use alpha shifting to be present with your emotional response without focusing on the past or fearing the future, which allows you to gradually shift emotionally-charged memories into neutral ones.




Where: Helios Warrior Center, 251D Haywood Street, Asheville, NC 28801

When: 4:15-5:30 pm on the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Thursdays of the month, starting September 5th 2013

Cost: $10 per class or $25 for all three. All proceeds go to Helios.

Note: The classes build on one another so you need to take them in order, even if you don’t do them all in the same month. The first class in the series is the first week of the month, the second class is the second week and so on. Please pre-register at 828-299-0776 for a class or the series with Helios Warriors—space is limited.

Instructor: Kristine Madera has taught people how to use their breath and brainwaves to change their physical and emotional health for over ten years as a personal trainer, meditation teacher and clinical hypnotherapist.


For information about the Helios Warriors program or location, please call 828-299-0776

For more information about the classes, or to find out how to schedule this class series adapted for your organization or workplace, contact Kristine at 828-699-3356 or Kristine @ AlphaShifting.com

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