2013 Heart Classes

Say Yes! to Your Wild Heart


(Note: times/dates may vary somewhat, confirm times on individual class page listings)


Breath of Life


breath-of-lifeBreath of Life: Use your breath and your powerful heart energy to harmonize your mind/body system, as well as the organs and cells in your body for optimal health & well-being, and decreased stress. Love Offering. When: 10:30-11:45 pm on the 3rd Satruday of the month. Where: Dr. Jenn’s Chiropractic/Mind the Body 1278 Hendersonville Rd. Suite B, Asheville


Heart Breath Meditation


heart-breath-meditationHeart Breath Meditation: Learn to reduce stress, bring focus to a scattered mind, tap into your deeper self and improve your well-being in just ten minutes a day though heart-breath meditation. Available for you group or organization. Please call 828-699-3356 for more information


Heart Circle Groups


Heart Circle Groups: Heart Circles meet to connect with our own hearts and to one another through the heart. We practice the Heart Circle Breath to recondition the mind to follow the direction of the heart, have a discussion topic, and do a guided visualization process to reinforce an aspect of living from the heart. Heart-Fun-Swirl

Available for your group or organization. Please call 828-699-3356 for more information.

Alpha Shifting


Alpha-Shifting: This three-class series shows you how to use subconscious_mind2your breath and your brain’s alpha waves to enhance health and well-being, relieve stress and manage emotions. When: 4:15-5:30, the first, second and third Thursday of the month. Where: Helios Warriors program (Veterans only), advance registration required 828-299-0776.



Self Study Course


arrow_right_pinkSelf-Study Heart E-Course: This Free 4-Week Self-Study E-Course Heart 101: Living in Wholeness will help you: connect to your heart in a reliable way, so you can do it anytime; release stress, tension and resistance: heal old heart wounds, and live from your Heart’s Desire. Sign Up in the right side column or Click Here


Are You Ready to Say Yes! to Life?


If so, give me a call for a free 20-minute strategy session to find clarity on where you are saying No! to life and, and how you can start to say Yes!


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***Kristine Madera is a Certified Clinical Hypnotist and Hypno-Coach

***North Carolina has not adopted education or training standards for the practice of hypnotism, and so the statement of credential is for informational purposes only. Hypnotism is a self-regulating profession and licensed under the “Healing Arts” license issued by the State of North Carolina. In addition, the State of North Carolina only allows the term “therapist” to be used in conjunction with hypnotism for those who hold licenses specific to the medical and mental health fields. This is why I often use the term Clinical Hypnotist rather than Clinical Hypnotherapist while practicing in North Carolina. I am not a licensed health care provider and may not provide a medical diagnosis nor recommend that a client discontinue medically prescribed treatment.