Are You Ready for the Adventure of YOU?

Yea, an Adventure!

Yes, my lovelies, if you have been reading and practicing faithfully up to this point, you may feel The adventure calling to you. If this is the first or second time you’ve checked in here, I’d suggest you Subscribe and get this from the beginning so that it makes sense! But I’m not the boss of you, and I can’t make you do anything. FYI, you aren’t the boss of you either—and neither are You—more on this in a moment. So if you are new to this blog and you want to jump into this adventure with no real idea what you are jumping into, that’s fine with me. Your You will thank you.


The Boss of you and YOU

So if you aren’t the boss of you and You aren’t the boss of you, who is? No one. Freeing isn’t it? You have this mighty thing called Free Will, which, I must say is something of a farce, because when you are you, you are acting out of all sorts of hidden habits, reactions and programming, and there’s nothing freeing about that. It’s really a form of serfdom to the Bizarro World way of life. Your You has a trajectory of its own, a quest for a particular kind of experience that is unique to you. I don’t know the direction your You wants to take you in. I’m not even sure what direction my Me is taking me in, I just know that it is so much more alive, freeing, interesting, and scrumptious than anywhere I have ever been before, and so I’ve jumped into the joyride with both feet (and all the rest of me.) And I trust that you You had an amazing joyride waiting for you.


A Big But

But, and this is a big but, your You can’t force you to do anything. It can wrangle you into tight spot to try to snap you out of a pattern and into more You. But it can’t (or simply won’t) force you. Your you can shut it down again and again, but it does come at a cost.

If you’ve shut your You down enough you might have experienced that your body suffers an illness or injury that’s either in the area where you have been blocking your You’s flow or something that makes continuing on the life path you have been over-committing to no longer possible. Or, that job you have that’s so safe and fun starts to suck the air out of your lungs the more you ignore the call to take a risk and start your dream business. Or, that relationship that was so nourishing at the beginning that you made a commitment or took a vow, chokes the life out of you when it turns sour and yet you persist in making the Commitment or Vow more important than your survival. These are just some broad (but common) examples.

Pause for a moment and ponder on the places where Life is squeezing you. Take your time, because this is how you learn to read your life—to understand what Life is asking you to do, to change, to transform, in order to open to more You. The better you can read Life the less time you get stuck in patterns that slowly squeeze the life out of you, and the faster you can enjoy the amazing spaciousness of life as You. We’ll spend more time on how to read Life when we’re in a deeper part of this ocean. For now, we’re still playing with you and You, which brings me to the point of this post.

Free Hypnosis

I’ve recorded another hypno-lite for you. This one takes you to the precipice of You, and gives you the opportunity to choose You. To plunge into The Adventure of You. Game to give it a go? You can always balk and try to fit yourself back into your life. Never mind that it is already too snug for you, isn’t it? So what do you have to lose, except for the muffin-top bulging out of the jeans of your life that are suddenly three sizes too small for you?

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So what did you do? Did you take the plunge? If so, then start building a posse of others who are plunging into their You, too. It’ll be a lot more fun for you and You that way. Send this post to your Adventurous Friends so that You can all play together on the road to You!

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