A Prescription for Whatever Ails You

What if there were a pill that would make you feel better, no matter what the issue was, or even if it was physical, mental, emotional or spiritual? And also that the only side effects were more inner peace and improved well-being? Would you take it? Okay, then, what if it wasn’t a pill at all, but the very simple act of being grateful for everything that you have, especially those things that you take for granted, like your heartbeat and breathing? We humans have a tendency to take for granted those things that are going right with out lives—like the fact that you can walk (if you can—if you can’t that becomes a very big deal), or that your heart beats without you having to plan for it to or set it as a goal (until of course it stops beating, and then it becomes, again, a very big deal.)

There is a story that Jack Kornfield tells about a novice monk who was told to pay attention to his breath as a form of meditation. He did that for a while, and then complained to his teacher that following his breath was boring. So the teacher pulled him into a river and held his head under for a while, then pulled him up again and asked the gasping novice if his breath was still boring.

The point is that gratitude for those things that we take for granted is an easy way to feel better, no matter your starting place, because real gratitude releases feel good hormones that enhance your health and well being and because you cannot be in emotional states like worry or anger and also feel grateful, so it helps you feel better because you naturally let go of anger, worry and other counter states. It also acts like an amplifier, in that what you are grateful for sets up a subconscious pattern to bring more of that to your life—if you focus on the things that you worry about or make you angry, you set up a pattern to bring more of those to you as well.

So take a few minutes to really be grateful for all the body’s astounding amount of functions and automatic responses that beat your heart and breath your lungs and do the job of keeping you alive moment by moment mostly outside of your awareness, and without any input or planning or interference from you.

Ahhh, feel that?… that is the feeling of you amping up the vibes of your life. Yummy, isn’t?


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