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Ask and You Shall Receive–A Shark’s Tooth

I love the idea of “ask and you shall receive” despite all the caveats–be specific but not too specific, be open ended but not wishy-washy, be clear on what you want but give spirit enough latitude to work things out…the … Continue reading

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Gratitude and Grace

What would you have in your life today if all you had was what you were thankful for yesterday? Your family? Friends? Health? Job? Income? House? Joy? Gratitude is a all the rage as a word and concept these days, … Continue reading

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The Paradox of Power Part 3: True Power

To recap this series so far: That revved-up feeling of force is what many people think of as power, in part, because we learn to use that feeling to overcome fear. But fear and force are both part of the … Continue reading

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