How to Call In Your Big Dream With Ease, Joy & Flow


What’s your Big Dream?


  • Are you a spiritual entrepreneur who is overwhelmed trying to build a thriving business?
  • Are you a soul-centered coach struggling to create the wildly successful business you deserve?
  • Are you a holistic practitioner who wants to charge your clients your true value and not playing small to fit into someone else’s budget?
  • Do you want desperately to be your true self in your relationships and break free from old relationship ruts, but you aren’t sure how?
  • Are you traversing a life transition like divorce, retirement, career change, relationship shifts, college to career, empty nest, illness or even end of life that you want to journey though in an empowered, intentional way, but you need support?
  • Do you struggle to achieve optimal health, weight and well-being?

Does the resistance you face creating your Big Dream feel paralyzing and wear down your resolve?

If so, it’s not your fault!


Resistance is the Gift of Your Wild Heart


That’s right, resistance is a gift.

Your Wild Heart is always trying to grow you into a more expansive version of who you are. It’s the part of you that inspired your Big Dream. Your Big Dream isn’t just an amazing, abundant life that calls you into a life of joy and ease (or whatever your Big Dream feels like to you), it’s a roadmap to living from your full magnificence.

Think about it–isn’t the person you envision living large in your Big Dream a more empowered, adventurous, abundant version of the person you are now? That’s the person your Wild Heart wants you to be–and it inspired your Big Dream to give you the experiences and challenges you need in order to become that person.

And just after your Big Dream comes into focus, you meet resistance. It feels like frustration, fear, anger, anxiety and many other challenging emotions. It can feel paralyzing! But it’s just an old story you have been telling yourself that your Big Dream wants to rewrite. It is the wisest part of you growing you into yourself. It’s just the way it works.

Magical isn’t it?


Resistance Is The Key To Growth


It seems counter-intuitive, but resistance is necessary for growth. If you didn’t want to develop and transform yourself and your life, you’d probably be whistling a content tune all the time. Of course, you’d stagnate and your life in 20 years would probably be similar to the life you have now, with a few more gray hair and wrinkles.

These kind of people never work with me because they never experience the kind of hard-core resistance faced by people who have a really Big Dream that demands that they become the person who can embody that dream.

And that, my friend, requires resistance.


Why You Want Resistance–Lots of Resistance


Imagine that you are in a box–a box that symbolizes the boundaries of your life. Would you want to stay in that box? Of course not. If you have found this page, then you want to stretch and grow yourself into a Big Dream that challenged you to step into a bigger more magnificent version of who you are.

So what do you encounter when you grow bigger than the box of your life?

Resistance, right?

Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?


The Amazing Gift of Breaking Through Resistance


The best part of resistance is that once you break through it, it  awakens the exact awareness, capacity and  power you need to take the next big leap in your Big Dream.

That’s right, the resistance you release becomes the power, insight and inspiration you need to grow into the person who embodies the next big leap toward your Big Dream. 

The logic of this truly amazes me. You stretch yourself, you encounter the pushback of resistance, you break through and that breakthrough grows you into your Big Dreams.


Still, Resistance Isn’t Easy…


If resistance were easy, we wouldn’t grow because it wouldn’t require much of us to get through it. It can be hard to breakthrough your won resistance. I think it’s supposed to be that way, so that we are always serving one another and helping each other be the best we can be.

I have spent years working with belief systems, which lay at the core of resistance. Since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated by the way belief systems control our personal experience and write our personal stories. As a mind/body coach, I helped people uncover and transform the resistance they stored in their bodies. As a Clinical Hypnotist*** I specialized in turning what people feared into the source of their power. Over the years, I have worked with many skilled practitioners to break through my own resistance, so I know what works and what doesn’t.

Most of all, I love this work. I want to help you live your inspired Big Dream and grow into the amazing Wild Heart of who you already are, deep inside. You can do it. It’s easier than you think. And I can help.


I Can Help You Break Through Resistance…

…So You Can Grow Into Your Best Self

…and Embody Your Big Dream with Ease, Joy & Flow


A Breakthrough Session With Me:

  • Dissolves the resistance that stands in your way (and teaches you how to do this so you can continue breaking through!)
  • Changes the story you’ve used to limit yourself into one that speeds you toward your Big Dream
  • Awakens the awareness, abilities and inner power you need to take the next big leap toward your Big Dream
  • Includes a personalized recorded guided meditation that continues to dissolve resistance and expand you into your Big Dream.

A Break Through to Your Big Dream Breakthrough Session helps you live from the inspiration of your adventurous, expansive, powerful self and create your Big Dream with ease, joy and flow!

What are you waiting for?


Start Today!


I’m no longer accepting new clients and recommend you contact the amazing Kevin Peer who also does heart-oriented hypnosis in person and over the phone.

You can find him at Inner Alliance . net


 ***Kristine Madera is a Certified Clinical Hypnotist and Hypno-Coach

***North Carolina has not adopted education or training standards for the practice of hypnotism, and so the statement of credential is for informational purposes only. Hypnotism is a self-regulating profession and licensed under the “Healing Arts” license issued by the State of North Carolina. In addition, the State of North Carolina only allows the term “therapist” to be used in conjunction with hypnotism for those who hold licenses specific to the medical and mental health fields. This is why I often use the term Clinical Hypnotist rather than Clinical Hypnotherapist while practicing in North Carolina. I am not a licensed health care provider and may not provide a medical diagnosis nor recommend that a client discontinue medically prescribed treatment.